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Safe to run while pregnant?

Hey I'm a first time mommy :) I'll be 40 weeks on Saturday , and since Tuesday I have had period - like cramps and now I am starting to feel pressure down there, like she is pushing down. I know walking helps but someone who had a baby 4 months ago told me when she started cramping she ran down a hill and 3 days later she was pushing. I just thought you couldn't run while pregnant? So is it safe, or should I just stick to walking?

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  • ALC
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    7 years ago

    You can run while pregnant but only if you have been running the whole time and before. It is not a good idea to just start running while pregnant. Also it is very dangerous to run down a hill while pregnant you could trip and hurt the baby. Just be patient baby will come when baby is ready.

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    you need to be useful to ask your OB, yet as long as you do not have a severe threat being pregnant, it would be fantastic to proceed your universal artwork out habitual until you start up showing. it is not often counseled to maintain working as quickly as you start up showing because of fact the extra weight of the infant quite throws off your stability and you need to fall and harm your self or the infant. in case you're apprehensive approximately harming the infant, proceed your 3 miles, yet walk them. it quite is nevertheless solid workout and your possibilities of falling are much less. And you may wish to consume extra. working quite burns energy and a pregnant women folk ought to consume 3 hundred energy extra per day than she regularly does - rather women folk who're determining plenty! solid success conserving up with the working, if it quite is okay'd via your healthcare professional. I not often had the capacity to get away from mattress for the period of my first trimester, not to point arise and workout!!

  • ?
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    7 years ago

    No, do not. For several reasons. Especially at 40 weeks...

  • Chandi
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    7 years ago

    Unless you're running for your life, you don't need to be running anywhere, that's plain crazy.

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