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Do you belive banning guns will reduce violent crime if so why?

Sweden has one of the highest gun ownership rates in the world as it is mandatory for males aged 18 to do military service and afterwards are forced by law to keep their rifle at there house loaded at all times (pretty sure they have to have them loaded by law correct me if you know I'm wrong) so each house would probably have 1-3 guns in each house and yet they have one of the lowest gun violence rates in the world . Explain how this is possible.

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    Absolutely, I'm from Australia and guns along with various other weapons are outlawed.

    The fact is that if guns were outlawed, hardened criminals would still get their weapons, but the hardened criminals generally use their weapons against other hardened criminals. The general public however, do not have access to these weapons; and the only way to do so is through the timely and often dangerous process of befriending hardened criminals, which 99% of the population will never do. I think I can quite safely say that the kid who shot all those children in Connecticut would not have done so if he had not had such easy access to weaponry. If guns were outlawed in America he would have had to befriend hardened criminals, and would of most likely had a long and arduous journey in order to obtain a powerful weapon. And judging from the reports of various newspapers/media outlets he does not sound like the sort of person who would have had those connections, nor been able to create those connections.

    Guns are simply too much responsibility and power for the average citizen to possess.

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    Its actually quite simple. If I'm a robber and I know that you are armed, I'm going to think twice about breaking into your house because I know that you are armed and that you could kill me. I know that certain States in the USA allow you to carry a gun in public. I think indiana and Texas allow you to actually carry guns in public. Guess what the crime rate goes down. If you are a criminal, wouldn't you rather shoot someone that is unarmed, then take a chance of getting killed by someone that is armed. Since criminals obtain most or all of their weapons illegally and don't register their fire arms, they wouldn't turn them in. On the other hand, law abiding citizens would be force to give up their firearms since they are registered, and they would be completely disarmed. Banning guns would also make street gangs, criminals, and thugs really happy because now they get the green light to do what ever they want. They can break in, kill you and your family and by the time you call the cops, your whole family is dead.

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    because at the same time as the ban in common words consequences a unmarried city, they're nonetheless truly, really ordinary to get. the in common words way a gun ban can artwork is on a huge scale. it's going to take a short at the same time as to get maximum of them off the streets, yet ultimately it's going to get to the point the position sure, that is going to likely be in common words outlaws which have handguns, yet they're going to be too puzzling/too intense priced for the common street urchin to receive.

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    No unless you have crazy punishments like anyone caught with a gun is publicly killed like William Wallace in braveheart that might stop a lot of crime ha

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    i dont think that banning guns will in any way lower gun violence. Look at drugs, they are illegal but yet they are not used any less.

    this problem goes beyond just gun banning laws, thats just my opinion

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    if they don't have a gun the violent person will use a knife , home made explosives etc. PEople kill , guns don't. on top of that drugs are illegal that doesn't stop people from having them.

  • Do you think criminals will be deterred by the fact they can't get guns legally?

    I know it's cheesy, but the quote "Guns don't kill people. People kill people" is true.

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    No! the guns are not violent, ARE THEY?

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    It will not.

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