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what historical figures were born in in the state of Iowa?

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    To add to the other persons answer. Norman Borlaug was born in Cresco IA(NE part of state). He won a nobel peace prize for helping with providing food for people with limited resources. The Iowa City School District just opened a school this year named in his honor.

    Herbert & Lou henry hoover- he was a past president and Humanitarian. She was from Waterloo and worked with the Girls Scouts

    Clifford Berry co-invented the first electronic computer. From the Gladbrook/ Reinbeck area.

    Wallace Hume Carothers- invented Nylon and Neoprene . I think he at some point worked for DuPont.

    George Gallup invented the gallup poll

    George Nissen invented the trampoline- not sure where he was born, but he was a gymnast at U of I. He passed a couple years ago.

    John Froelich- gasoline powered tractor

    Ray Townsend- inventions in meat industry

    Grant Wood

    Dan Gable- Olympic gold medalist. 21 conference championships and 15 national titles as coach.

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    Pres. Herbert Hoover and physicist Van Allen come first to mind. Also investigate Borlaug, the agriculturalist, though I don't know if he was actually born here. Also John Wayne, Johnny Carson, and Donna Reed, and I think Lillian Russell, but they were just actors.

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    i think Fred Grandy the actor from the Love Boat who later became a politician

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