Informing boss of pregnancy by letter?

Im nearly 8 weeks pregnant and i told my boss at 5 weeks as my job involves alot of heavy lifting. But now he wants a letter to formally tell him. He said i have to include how far i am and my expected due date. But i dont no how to actually write this letter (as in what to put and how to word it) need help please :)

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    7 years ago
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    im sure it doesnt have to be too long. like something that says

    dear ___,

    I just wanted to make sure you know that i am expecting. I am _ weeks and _ days along today. My doctor has told me I'll be expecting him on or around (due date here). He/She has also told me it is best that i dont do heavy lifting or too much physical work that may over work me or cause me to pull a muscle in my belly (like straining yourself).



    something like that, prob lil longer but it shouldnt be too hard.

  • 7 years ago

    As long as your doctor says that lifting is ok then there is no need to stop. I was allowed to continue to do my job as normal (my job includes unloading 50+ pound boxes off trucks) all the way up to a week before I delivered with my first.

    With my second I had work restrictions because I was high risk, but my doctor wrote out all my restrictions on her letterhead so there was no question.

    Talk to your doctor, if you have restrictions then have him/her write them out. They write letters like that all the time and know exactly how to word things.

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