Are video games immoral?

I'm not referring to controversial games, or even the content of the games.

I have developed an interest in retrogaming, primarily bc modern games are virtually never good. But gaming companies are extremely hostile towards anyone who wants to play games that they have long since abandoned. Nintendo even has gone so far as to put alot of their old games (and those of sega) available on the wii I hear, not to be nice, but bc they view it as a profitable market, they hate emulation purely bc it prevents them from making a profit. I can understand not liking emulators for modern games that are still being produced, by why old games? Like 99% of the games ever made are essentially abandoned by their companies, no new cartridges are being made of them and the only way to get a hold of them is through auctions or at flea markets, and those are old consoles that nintendo has already sold and thus doesn't care about (nor do they have the right to claim ownership of items that they have already sold anyway).

To be honest, now that i see these gaming companies for what they really are, i have started to view games differently. Not as toys meant to create joy, or works of art, but as tools of manipulation. They make games you'll enjoy just to get your money, nothing more. Even wheather or not a game becomes a series is entirely dependent on how well the first game sold. They're manipulating you to give them money, like a drug dealer gives narcotics to addicts just to get their money. This is psychopathy.

I have played video games my whole life, literally. My parents had an NES when I was a little kid, I cant even remember the first time I played it, my earliest memories of gaming involve me playing a mario game, and i recognized and already knew the first two or three levels like i had done them several times before. Now, I'm thinking games are something i need to distance myself from. Yes, i enjoy them, like nothing else, hell if you gave me an option between a good game and porn, i'd take the game without a second thought (ignoring the fact that porn these days is free of course, the point is i enjoy games more than porn). But the sole reason i enjoy them is bc gaming companies want money from me, they don't make games to entertain me, they do it for their own selfish gain. Creatures like that don't deserve to have money, and a gaming company makes billions every year.

It's wrong to feed them, you should not be giving these kinds of people what they want, they are manipulative psychopaths who advantage of the ignorance and innosense of young people to get more and more money. Nothing about that is right. And I for one don't care to support that.


I'm not asking if its true or not, i'm asking if its wrong to buy things from these psychopaths? From what I see, bying anything does nothing but feeds the egos and pockets of psychopaths, who simply don't deserve to live. I never want to buy another game again, hell even buying food is questionable. Anyone who wants money, should not have it no matter what.

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    You just finding out the companies are in business to make money? Welcome to the real world buddy.

    You can say this about any company in the entertainment business. Movies are the same, they make movies to make money that entertain you, just like games and music.

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    No, cause I feel like I get my money's worth for the most part. For example cause of Sony releasing older PS2 games I've gotten to play some cool gams I never played before. (Sly Copper, Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Dex games come to mind) And only charging $40 bucks for 3 PS2 games that are updated isn't a bad deal to me.

    I gotten to play some older PS1 games on my Vita and felt like I got my money's worth.

    And paying a few bucks to play old NES & SMS games is worth it to some poeple. Don't really care about these as I don't have a WII or WII U and I have all the NES, SMS & Genisis games I want on my emualtors I got way before the re-released most games.

    And if buying anything is questionable to you then go live in the forrest and hunt and cook your own food and live by candle light at night like your in the 1600's.

    Source(s): Lived in the real world for 36 years now.
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    There's a reason it's called "entertainment business", not "entertainment art". Yes, they're in for the money. Big news over there. So are the film and music industry for that matter. So what? If anything, the industry is immoral. The video game itself has no morality of its own.

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    So people should just do work for free and you should be enjoy their work because you're a spoiled *****?

    When you buy a game, you don't own the content, you're purchasing a license that let's you play the game.

    You don't deserve to plays that you don't pay for, even older ones. Those game developers don't deserve to give their work away for free, when they worked skin and bone and put all their expertise, art, and love into these "immoral drugs."

    You're a moron

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    You answered your on question, sir (even though you argue with childs play)

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