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What kind of speech disorder do I have?

ever since maybe middle school up to now (i'm 20) i've always had a speech problem and i don't know where it came from. for example, when i talk to people, i think i get nervous (i've had/have social anxiety, but i've been around people more so i don't get nervous in my stomach as much but i still think i'm affected) i know what i want to say in my head, but when it comes out, i stutter and jumble my words. half of the time i don't make sense in what i'm saying, like i can't make out the right words i want to use. so a lot of the time people don't understand me or think i say something else and it's really embarrassing. and some of the time i'll say something i didn't mean to and didn't realize until someone pointed it out! like my mind gets spacey. it only seems to get worse lately. have any idea what this is or why it happens?

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    Personally,I had a car accident resulted in a TBI at age 7 now Im 50 yrs old.I have had alot of issues and some are what you described such as general anxiety and agrophobia are a few.When I was young and hanging with my high school friends I use to speak so fast and stumble with words,my anxiety kicked on and I always had a pressure on my chest like I need to pull that alien out.Later people would look at me weird and I ask and they tell they dont understand what I said.I said what a minute,I know exactly what I said why cant you understand.Well this was going on for years until a year after I got married,my wife slowed down my anxiety because I was no longer in a stress enviroment and now I dont stutter or fumble with words anymore.I still have anxiety but Im better now.If I were you I would try breathing exercises and writing journals,I know this sounds funny but my brain and my thoughts have expand.Wish you well.

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    definite it is conceivable you have got an undiagnosed speech affliction yet to substantiate this you may might desire to confirm a expert. in spite of the venture you will in all probability locate a minimum of between the remedies you will acquire is a few form of elocution training to make you extra conscious of speech rhthyms. meanwhile is there some form of drama club you will possibly desire to connect or elocution or pronounciation courses at teh nearest community college or a private speech coach? You pronounced Canada so fairly once you're in Vancouver check out interior reach drama and performing studios for speech courses yet do see a expert as properly! might desire to you let us know what city or city you reside in in case absolutely everyone examining can deliver you a private suggestion for coaches or courses? I dont stay in Canada myself so cant help with extra thana familiar opinion consistent with own adventure.

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    See if "cluttering" describes your speech. There is a brochure on it under "resources" on the Stuttering Foundation's web site.

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    I have the same thing not sure what it's called

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