Pakistanis, whatever happened of the incident where two brothers were murdered by a lynch mob in Sialkot in...?

... in 2010? Was anyone who appeared in the shocking video seen to be beating the two and the police men who just stood by and watched what was happening ever identified, captured or punished?


I read that before asking here. Doesn't answer my question. All I could find were the news reports written at the time that happened. It appears the tragedy was widely reported at the time but then everyone - the state, media - just forgot about what happened and decided to do nothing about it and never to talk about it.

Update 2:

Ah, okay, seems a few people were arrested and sentenced to death. No word on whether anyone's been executed yet, though.

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    The Pakistani men took turns savagely beating the two teenage brothers with sticks, drawing blood before dragging and hanging their dead bodies from a nearby pole. None of the dozens of people watching tried to stop the attack, not even several police. The boys may have been mistaken for robbers.

    The scene, caught on video and broadcast on news channels, has outraged and anguished Pakistanis, some of whom are asking if years of state neglect have brutalized society. It also is a blow to the already-shoddy image of the government as it appeals for international aid to cope with disastrous floods.

    "Is this what we are? Savages?" asked an editorial in The News, an English-language daily. "So utterly bereft of a speck of humanity that a crowd of ordinary men are passive spectators to public murder?"

    The killings occurred Aug. 15 in Sialkot, a town in eastern Punjab province. As details have emerged, authorities appear increasingly confident the two boys — Moiz Butt, 17, and his brother Muneeb, 15 — were innocent.

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    The video is still on the net but not easily available

    ADDED 10 people were arrested but I do not know their fate

    “Later the police have admitted the teenagers had no criminal record, and that they had been killed due to enmity.”

    Fourteen policemen, including an SHO, have been suspended and further investigations are underway.

    Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry summoned Secretary Establishment for action against the police. He said brutal killings in presence of police was the height of lawlessness.

    The Supreme Court ordered the establishment division to suspend DPO Sialkot for failing to stop the merciless lynching of the two teenage brothers.

    ADDED 2

    In all honesty does anybody really expect anything to have happened , more likely this simply got forgot about and evidence became lost.

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    that's a symptom of the known breakdown of society and the rule of thumb of regulation in that united states of america. that's been a poor few years for Pakistan simply by fact the Taliban revolt, the Assassination of Ms. Bhutto, the selection of Zadari to be President with the aid of 'useful' allies and now the floods that have actually ripped the midsection distant places. putting over all of it has been the rumours of corruption and nepotism on a scale in all probability not seen on the grounds that Nero ruled Rome and Maputo ruled Zaire. the complete disconnect of those in intense places with the common guy or woman is stunning. they seem to not understand the fee of the disaster Pakistan is going with the aid of. The very ultimate courtroom of Pakistan and the defense force are the only establishments that look to function yet their skill to act is curtailed with the aid of the deafening mantra of 'democracy' coming from 'above'. Pakistan has the stamp of a democracy on its gadget whether that's lots from being something on the factor of one. concern and bribery rig the vote casting technique and people who're elected are all from an identical families who've ruled from independence. This flood may be the main suitable straw on the camels back, I concern that a revolution is coming and that a people long misled and oppressed will decide for a worse gadget then the only now in place. The breakdown of Pakistan seems to have began whilst its Nero fiddles in Paris and London and what then? i'm hoping that adequate Pakistanis come collectively on a sturdy pragmatic platform to set issues perfect. the government Justice of Pakistan and the different very ultimate courtroom judges can basically voice the anger of the overpowering majority of the people at what happened in Sialkot. that's as much as the government to claw back some authority and make heads roll interior the police branch . despite those boys could or would possibly not have executed, no person merits to die the way they did or have their our bodies displayed as theirs have been. GOD help us all if that's what Pakistan has grow to be.

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