How many years are left until we have federal dog leash laws?

You know that it will happen ridiculous as it sounds...


I actually had a few points. For one, it is the power that is grabbed at a very frequent rate (Obamacare) by the federal government when really, the constitution states that all powers that are not delegated to the federal government is delegated to the state. Obamacare obviously isn't covered and neither is federal leash laws...drug laws can't be found in the constitution, may I add. This obviously would be an extreme, but as we know, some laws make sense for certain areas and not others but it doesn't seem to stop bureaucrats in Washington from making all of the people live under them. For example, in my liberal town, you have to keep your yard maintained or you will be fined and eventually jailed if you do not comply. That may work here, but in some areas, it doesn't make any sense to do that. Kind of like the federal law that states that you cannot have a gun within 1000 feet of a school. That may make perfect sense in Tribecca (Brooklyn) but let's say yo

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    I usually agree with you but on this one I don't. The problem with dogs is dog owners. There is no way to single out the bad ones. There are too many unruly and aggressive dogs not leashed here and we have leash laws. (Well maybe you have a point...People will just break the law anyway.)

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  • If it keeps them from pooping in other people's yards, it's a great thing!

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  • I think teachers should be armed.

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