How come girls can have a girl crush, but guys cant have a man crush?

I have a man crush on leonardo dicaprio

but I dont think it makes me gay, my GF says it makes me bi but who wouldn't be with him?

And she has a crush on some singer girl, but that doesnt make her bi

As far as that goes theres NO one else i feel any sort of man crush to. Even if it came down to it (never would happen) I wouldnt want to have sex with him or anything, maybe just play pokes or something.

Am I alone here? I think im perfectly straight. Girls can be called straight and have a girl crush but I cant have my man crush!?

Guys do you also have a man crush but dont want to edmit it cause of soceity?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Girls can vocally appreciate beauty for other girls without much question. If a guy was to do the same thing, like you have with your example of Leonardo DiCaprio, their masculinity is questioned: guys are expected to be all about the girls. It's a shame - both genders should be able to appreciate beauty regardless of labels such as 'gay' 'straight' 'bisexual', whatever.

  • 3 years ago

    I do not feel its unsuitable or gay for a guy to put on women skinny jeans if he likes them. Honestly I think it is so ridiculously stupid how we separate clothes between genders. Like why can't we just have garments. No 'guys' garments or 'ladies' clothes. As a way to normally never happen although regrettably. However I do disagree with you on some things. Individually guys jeans are much more relaxed then women jeans. I am ftm transgender so for roughly four years I was once below the impression I had to wear ladies clothes considering to everyone else on the earth I used to be a lady. And each time i would wear them i'd simply complain and felt so awful. For one they're so tight its worrying as hell. And they might constantly give way within the back no matter how ******* tight they were. And they have got without doubt no pocket house. I needed to put my mobile in my again pocket and could barely fit cash in the front pockets. But once I put on guys skinny denims there's absolutely no issues with that. Additionally girls skinny jeans are made from a legging material so it clings to you when guys denims will not be so they are extra roomy. Another thing you stated is, 'Lets use girls for illustration. They wear guy clothing always. Shirts, shoes, pants, and even undies? Yet they don't get known as homosexual for doing that.' well to my household and practically each person on this planet i'm a lady considering they do not know i'm transgender. And i wear guys garments when you consider that thats what i am relaxed in proper? You do not know how oftentimes a day I get referred to as a lesbian, dyke, butch, and so forth. I believe that stereotype of one sex wearing the reverse intercourse garments is homosexual goes for both sexes. My own family calls me a lesbian commonly. And each time my parents see a woman with brief hair or who wears guys garments they robotically say 'i wager shes a lesbo'. Its horrible however thats just the stereotype. Just concept i would sow you my factor of view on this :)

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I am a woman so I cannot answer on behalf of a man.Unfortunatley society's "NORM" allows for a women to have a girl crush n even act on it.This is fine of course who through time made th emajority of choices?MAN,so of course it would be.I think if if a man did he wouldnt feel comfortable to express it as he would be seen as "gay" by society,as men either are gay or not (in society eyes) a woman can fool with another women and still be considered staright.I dont agree with like who you like ...stop with a;l the labeling:)

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Thats normal man. It's like me, I have a man crush on this really cool guitarist. Why? He plays guitar awesomely and he's an awesome person! It's not like you would want to have sex with Leonardo Dicaprio, it's that you think he's cool and you would like to have a friend like that. That's all.

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  • 7 years ago

    You do know there's a difference between a crush on a man, and a man crush, right?

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I wouldn't want to be with him, or any other man, or any man that thinks by cutting their penis off and having implants that they are now a woman. You are gay, boy! Live with it.


    "Who is to say what "normal" is, anyway?"

    Well the dictionary idiot, normal is what the majority do, that's why it is normal. Did you go to school? "Who is to say what "normal" - that's your tipical pedo/zoo response.

  • 7 years ago

    You sound healthy to me. Who is to say what "normal" is, anyway?

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