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What are good Christmas gifts for Tween Girls?

I'm thirteen and so are my four best friends. I'd like to get them all a small but really creative gift for Christmas. BUT THEY ALL HAVE TO BE THE EXACT SAME THING, or else there will be drama! Lol(: I was thinking maybe some sort of bag with a bunch of little things..? But what to put in it? Also, my gift to them has to be pretty equal to what they got me. One got me a container of cookies, another got me a $10 gift card, and another got me a bag with fuzzy socks and lip gloss.


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    Sometimes a place like a health food store or a local book store will have small gifts. I usually get presents for 3 women at work. One year at the health food store I found candles shaped like angels 4-5 inches tall. This year it's magnets that are tiny prints of a French impressionist painting. Last year I bought a pair of gray knee-high socks with black birds on a clothes line. I gave that to the toy drive because at the last minute they often mention that they want things for teenagers, & this time of year it really gets to be freezing, & knee-highs add warmth even under cords or jeans. They were so cute that I went back later & bought a pair for myself. All of those things were found at the health food store. Other stores might have warm knit scarves that you like or maybe gloves.

    Also, this year Wet 'N Wild has nail polish sets for around $6-$8, or you could assemble your own favorite colors that you think your friends would like. I put together one such kit & put it in a slide-lock type Ziplock plastic bag. I also bought a set of 3 cosmetic bags at Big Lots, one set for the toy drive (for a preteen) & one set for me, clear with hot pink as an accent color. One of each set is narrow like a zippered pencil case, & that's exactly what I'm using it for--pencils & erasers. You also might find a box of chocolates or other treat within your price range. Or you could get special ornaments.

    Even a tree topper might work hanging in a window or on top of & hiding an empty bottle. It could be a star or an angel. I was thinking a tall narrow mineral water bottle, but wouldn't it be funny if a tree topper covered an empty water bottle. I haven't experimented with it yet, but it's a thought. For me it would be on the part of the mantle that has a window behind it, but for your friends, it could be on a dresser in each girl's room.

    One time ages ago, my piano teacher gave each of us an ornament that was a stuffed elf to hang on the tree. I had mine for years.

    I also have a little stuffed Woodstock (the bird in Peanuts) in his elf costume. I also have a few small Snoopys. Mine were from thrift shops, but I know they still sell them new, all dressed up in their Christmas outfits, though you might find others or some other stuffed character that's more popular with your age group.

    Most of all, have fun!

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    ok I even have some recommendations! frequently i'm getting my terrific buddies the comparable element too. in step with possibility prepare a bag of sweets that contain a nail polish, lip gloss, candy, and in step with possibility friendship necklaces for all buddies:)

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    Get them all nice lip glosses.

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