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In a population growing logistically and approaching Carrying Capacity (K), the

change in density (N) per unit time (dN/dt) is maximum when N equals to

1. K2

2. K/2.

3. K.

4. K.

Please explain relevantly.

thank you.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Growth rate is close to its maximum value of r when N is small, i.e., low population density, an "empty" habitat, the growth rate is maximum.

    dN/dt = rN (K-N/K) The equation for logistic model of population growth

    It can't be K because if it does, the growth rate will be 0.

    It can't be 2K, because that will slow down the rate of growth.

    It has to be a low value, like K/2.

    Your question provides 3 and 4th choices to be the same, and if thats the case, then K/2 is the correct choice, otherwise choose the lowest value possible.

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