Why do English fans point to the revenue and popularity of the PL for being the best?

It is a highly entertaining league, a big part of the PL's appeal is their foreign stars, well maintained stadium and marketing. That does not make it the best, the midfield interplay and tactics are dreadful, the money injected by sure daddies means players lack togetherness. There is a reason why England is so terrible at international level, there is a reason why only Arsenal and Man U qualified for the group stage while La liga has 4 teams. That's my opinion!


George, Wilshere could not even shine Xavi's boots. I don't hear being mentioned in the ballon d'or or World Player of the Year!

Update 2:

Oswald, out of those 8 how many have won the CL? If 3 teams from one England make it to the semis and 1 from Spain make it and get to the final and win, would you not rather be the team from Spain!

Paisly, the English media have brainwashed and you have gobbed everything they have told you. You probably believe them when they say England can win the World Cup every time. How has that worked out for you in the last 50 years. I bet if the english media say Christmas is in July you would believe that too!

Update 3:

S, this is where you are proper wrong. The mid-table team in la liga are where the strength of the league comes from, that is precisly why those teams do well in Europe because they produce their own stars and don't have to buy.

In fact PL teams love to do their shopping in Spain with those teams look at players like Michu who played for Real Vallaceno, Carzola only spent a year at Malaga but before was at Villareal, guys like Llorente, Martinez or Mata. Valencia and Sevilla are below mid-table right now but still bolster top players like Negredo, Jesus Navas, Canales, Adil Rami, Daniel Estrada etc The quality is throughout la liga not just clubs in the upper tables.

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  • 7 years ago
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    My Opinion

    I think the EPL is the most entertaining League in the world this could possibly be because the team i support plays in it, I like it's competitiveness not just the top of the League but also the relegation battle how Wigan somehow always survive when they look like they are out of it and theirs always that surprise package of the season i mean look at West Brom and how they've done this season.

    there's Always the controversy aswell which makes it that more entertaining aswell always something going on Lol.

    the passion at games is great aswell .. Now i don't want to knock any Other League ATM but i seen a game in La liga and the fans just either looked Bored and when the team scored they didn't seem as passionate as we do ..

    But La Liga fans keep going on about their league has 4 teams through but that's all well and good but if they crash out at the last 16 it wouldn't seem like such a great achievement would it.

    the Foreign Stars a great appeal to the EPL But you get that everywhere Look at la Liga's best Players

    Falcao - Columbia

    Ronaldo - Portugal

    Messi - Argentina

    Ozil - Germany

    I feel like without those Players In La Liga it would seem less popular ..

    But never mind everyone's entitled to their own opinion

  • 7 years ago

    let's look at the Champions league. their is an English team in the final every year from 2005 apart from 2010. including the all English final in 2008

  • 7 years ago

    In a nutshell.. the teams in the bottom half of the premier league would beat the teams in the bottom half of any other league in the world. That is what makes it the best league, all the teams are competitive which makes all the matches exciting.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    There have been more English teams in Champions league finals (last 8 years) than any other Country.

    Need I say more?

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  • 7 years ago

    Because it's actually the best, most popular, most entertaining and most revenuable league in the world, and I say this although I'm not English ;)

  • Zed
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    Technically maybe not the best but the most exciting, entertaining, the most watched....

  • Scotty
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    Your opinion is wrong sir

  • Joub
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    7 years ago

    oh yeah just like when wilshere tore barca apart and showed us all he is better than xavi and inester

  • 7 years ago

    It's the best, now shut up.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    fok off you dirty mexican

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