What is SSD and what does it do?

I don't know about SSD. Do they impact performance on the computer? Do they help in gaming?

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  • 7 years ago
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    SSD is short for Solid State Drive which refers to the semi-conductor components used to store information, They can impact the performance of the computer because they are faster at accessing info than a standard "CD" type hard drive. But as far as gaming goes, no, there isnt a significant difference using SSD, Usually SSD is used for operating systems so your computer boots faster and windows system files can be accessed quicker.

  • 3 years ago

    I swapped my troublesome drives on the two my laptop and private laptop for an SSD and that i haven't any subject concerns for practically 2 years now.I even have additionally build 3 desktops for customers with SSD bearing directly to an identical time and that they nevertheless going reliable.the way the SSD works became much less placed on than a mechanical force so why could they fail rapid?

  • 7 years ago

    SSD(Solid State Drive) is a technlogy in which HDD is like your usb flash disk.

    Means there is no magnetic type technology inside SSD. IT is all silicon chip which store the data.

    Such drive can be accessed faster and data retrieval can be very efficient in large corporation. If you are using

    your system for normal usage, then you may not notice the performanc issue.In Magnetic head type, there are platter

    into which the head writes the data and read the data.Because the magnetic head can be damaged easily, the technlogy

    paradigm shifts the change into this type of the drive. Hope it helps to yo.

    Source(s): www.computerplanet.ca/
  • 7 years ago

    An SSD is short for Solid State Drive. Its function is exactly the same to that of a Hard Drive except instead of storing information on disk platter it stores it on flash chips. It is many times faster than the fastest hard-disks in terms of read and write performance and helps alleviate bottlenecks which are usually caused by the slow transfer speed of hard disks.

    They are of course at the moment far more expensive and have a much smaller capacity.

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