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Help me with this question?

“What, then, is the historical meaning of 9/11? Twelve years earlier, on November 9, 1989, the Berlin wall fell… September 11 is the symbol of the end of this utopia, a return to real history. A new era is here with new walls everywhere, between Israel and Palestine, around the EU, on the US-Mexico and Spain-Morocco borders. It is an era with new forms of apartheid and legalised torture. As President Bush said after September 11, America is in a state of war. But the problem is that the US is not in a state of war. For the large majority, daily life goes on and war remains the business of state agencies. The distinction between the state of war and peace is blurred. We are entering a time in which a state of peace itself can be at the same time a state of emergency.”

Read the above quote, and paraphrase it. Do you agree or not? Explain your answer.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    What utopia? you think America is utopia? to Americans it is, but to non-Americans its just a place that has to extracted from earth, America is in state of war since it's birth between the seventeenth or eighteenth century, British and American war 1775, American civil war in the mid-nineteenth century, Japan nuking even after the Japanese surrendering, Vietnamese war involvement, and uncountable examples..

    9/11 was just an excuse to expand the American aggression to the middle east, i mean, Americans refused the involvement in the Vietnamese issue because they saw No need for it, but in the middle east the American government has 9/11 as an excuse to attack Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and the list goes on as the next target might be Sudan maybe Libya or even Syria.

    America made 9/11 the worst event in the 21th century, Americans are still not forgetting this miserable incident, but it's absolutely nothing compared to Iraqi invasion, American statistics announced that 38,000 Iraqis were murdered and about 2,000 American soldiers had the same fate, the true number exposed by wikileaks is 1,2 million Iraqis and 78,000 American soldiers, compare 1,2 Million Iraqis to the 3,000 Americans that died in 9/11, the equals 400 American 9/11 done in Iraq!

    You probably heard this a million times, but the American citizen is happily watching the T.V news and reading the newspapers, thinking his government is really doing the right thing, Americans are narcotized, the world weather is extremely high but they can't feel what others are feeling because they are completely narcotized, when the Yemeni children are killed by the American "liberating" forces, their relatives and family members bear grudges to the Americans, thats why organizations like Al-Qaeda are not going to vanish as long as America is doing what supposed not to be done. Americans should know that they are not living alone in this world and that millions of people are suffering from them..they have to leave the bubble they are inside.

    Edit: I absolutely disagree with the paragraph you wrote.

    Didn't know its a homework, don't worry give it to the teacher and you'll only be expelled of your school.

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  • mosty
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Nobody is aware of what's going to occur within the final days. If they declare to grasp, they are mendacity, and are simply spouting a few stinking devout tripe that they occur to BELIEVE, now not recognize! Why could having a few goals make you ask this kind of query besides? Why could you suppose what folks right here informed you approximately what they CLAIM to grasp? Different myths have exclusive recommendations approximately the top occasions. Frankly, we will traditionally move extinct at a few factor, or while the earth's center cools, the planet will come to be bloodless and barren and not able to aid any lifestyles. Or, we will be baked while the solar is going nova and encompasses our planet in itself. Take you opt for.

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