Best Masters Degree in Education (Science)?

I am choosing from three master's program for the Spring.

I want to eventually become a Curriculum Coordinator or Director

for the School District's Science Dept.

Which do you think would be best (all are similar just slightly different).

My undergrad was a B.S. in Biology w/ English minor.

36hrs M.Ed in Secondary Education (w/ 18hrs of Edu & 18hr minor in Biology), or

36hrs M.Ed in Science Education (All 36hrs in Education (w/Science focus)), or

30hrs M.Ed in STEM Education

(All 30hrs in Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math Focus)).

Thank you.


Thank you for the answers so far.

I am currently certified to teach Life Science 8-12.

And I have been teaching for one semester.

These programs are either online or at night.

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  • Edward
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    8 years ago
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    Given your long term goals, the specific information you will get from taking a biology minor will not really be needed. STEM subjects are pretty hot right now, so that would likely be a good choice. The Science education would be what I would rank #2.

    You just need to follow your passions. I would recommend picking the option that can get you where you want to go, but still allows you a plan B if you don't get there or change your mind on the way.

    In many cases, graduate students working on a Master's in the STEM fields can get a graduate TA position, which will cover your education costs and provide you with a modest stipend for your work. Personally, I would want to pick the one that is going to pay me to go to school!

  • 8 years ago

    I would choose the STEM one. However, you need to get a teaching credential and teach science before you should become a curriculum coordinator. One of the problems with the US department of Education is that it is full of people with Phd's who have never taught a day in their lives.

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