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Could my gf be pregnant, had unprotected sex in the shower?

Me & my gf this morning, during shower had unprotected sex as I stuck my penis in her. She is on her period, although never bled on my penis, and I never came. I don't know if I had precum or not, because we were in the shower. Could she be pregnant?. The period she is on now had come 1-2 weeks late, it was due on the 3rd through 5th & she got in on 13th or 14th.

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    A female getting pregnant on her period is possible — but highly unlikely. You also didn't ejaculate inside of her... so I highly doubt she's pregnant. Yes, precum can still get her pregnant, but I think you guys are fine.

    If you guys want to continue having unprotected sex, then make sure she's on birth control... and keep track of her ovulation until you guys are ready to be parents.

    Don't let a few minutes of pleasure bring an unplanned human into the world. Be smart.

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  • 7 years ago

    If she was on her period with in those days its mostly likely not. You have to be ovulating in order to get pregnant and it pretty much the opesite of a girls period.

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  • 3 years ago

    if she is on her era and u have intercourse than you will be large ...whether except you opt for to be mum and dad u the two could use delivery administration. unprotected intercourse is the worst ingredient u can do . and you in all probability did precum in her...

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