Is some backlight bleeding to be expected from a LED TV?

I just got a new TV and I was perfectly happy with it until I started watching TV at night in the dark. There appears to be some faint lightnewss on the top side of the TV. (about an inch thickness) It's only visible in dark scenes and it's not really visible in a bright room. I guess it doesn't bother me all that much if it's normal. But if there should be ZERO bleeding, I guess i'll return it.

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  • 7 years ago
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    In general there should not be much light leakage. But they often have to compromise things to make the new televisions as thin and light as possible so it may have a leak - but it should not cause any problem.

    Make sure to pop in a Pixar disk and use the setup menu and the test patterns to properly set the brightness, contrast and color. New televisions are often set to 'torch' mode to be eye-catching if they are used for a store display unit. While it is impressive - details are lost and colors are over-saturated.

    It is also a bad idea to watch television in a totally dark room. With the TV being the only light source - your eyes are constantly contracting and expanding as the amount of light in the room changes. Over the course of a movie this can give you a headache and cause eye-strain.

    Some of the better televisions actually have a bias-light that shines backwards onto the wall to give your eyes a constant amount of illumination to prevent this problem. Some of us more obsessive about our image found some lights that were exactly 2500k and used them to create our own bias light. (I've been through a lot of therapy and am no longer so obsessive. I feel much better now)

    Hope this helps.

  • 4 years ago

    Corvato is correct. LCD panels have 'issues' with black levels so they put strips of LED lights around the edges. These sometimes 'leak' light and you only notice it in dark scenes. Back-lit LED televisions do not have this problem - but these are thicker and tend to be the higher-end models. This is something you tend to ignore after the first few days so the store is correct - it is a common side-effect of the technology.

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