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Could my gf become pregnant, had unprotected sex in shower?

Me & my gf this morning, during shower had unprotected sex as I stuck my penis in her. She is on her period, although never bled on my penis, and I never came. I don't know if I had precum or not, because we were in the shower. Could she be pregnant?.

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    You "stuck your penis in her" how romantic is that lol

    No she will not get pregnant from having sex during her period if this was her normal monthly period because there is no egg in her fallopian tube during her period. This is about the safest time to have sex when the womb lining is being shed & her egg is long gone.

    Women generally ovulate about 14 days before their period is due & can only conceive (get pregnant) for a few days around the time if a sperm meet the egg & fertilise it. A woman's period is triggered by hormonal changes brought about by the loss of her unfertilised egg about a week after ovulation.

    Some women think they get pregnant on their period but this is not physically possible. Women can have irregular bleeding at other times during their menstrual cycle (called intermenstrual bleeding) & can conceive during an episode of bleeding but never during a true period because the egg is long gone by then.

    Source(s): worked in the health service for many years, had 2 babies.
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    Unless you ejaculated right before you guys had sex, there's not going to be any leftover sperm in your pre-ejaculate. Plus, the shower water likely washed it all away before penetration.

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    Yes...don't matter where or if you had fineshed. During sex millions of sperm is released and a woman can get pregnant while on her period.

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    if she is on her era and u have intercourse than you will be large ...whether except you opt for to be mum and dad u the two could use delivery administration. unprotected intercourse is the worst ingredient u can do . and you in all probability did precum in her...

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    You cant get pregnant from pre ***. Its basically like a lubication.

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    yes she could

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