What would you name these characters?

I'm writing a story and I need some names for these characters.

Character A: a 15 years old girl who lives with her drunk mother and abusive step-father.Her mother doesn't care for her and her step-father rapes her every night in front of her mother.She's shocked and won't talk to anyone because she is scared of her step-father.

Character B: character A's drunk mother.After she lost her husband(character A's father)she lost her job and began drinking.She met with her second husband in a bar and got married.They have a 4 years old boy.She drinks alchohol and get drunk easly.When she's drunk she often hits character A and the little boy.

Character C:the abusive step-father.He is a mean man who likes casinos and alchohol.When he is drunk he likes hitting character B and yell at her calling her by mean names.He rapes character A and sometimes invite his mean friends into it.Used to be a nice person until someone stole his girlfriend and from that day he began to drink and he became a mean guy.

Character D:4years old boy.He is character A's step-brother and is a cry baby.He is often beaten and raped by his own father.He hates his father(for hitting him and raping him) and his mother(for not helping).

Character E:a 36 years old policeman.He is character A's neighboor and doesn't know about the abuse until character A can not take it anymore and tells him.He is the one who will help character A&D out of their misery.He adopts both after he bring the step-father in prison.

Character F:a 16 years old boy who falls in love with character A.He is very cute,popular and smart.

Character G,H&I:three 16 years old triplet boys.They are character F's best friends.They all like soccer and computer.

Character J:a 15 years old black hair girl with grey eyes.She is the richest and most popular girl in the school that character A goes to after she(character A)is adopted.She(character J)is character A's first friend at school.

Character K:a 15 year old blond hair girl with grey eyes.She is character A's 2nd friend.She is a little bit narcissist but nice to peoples.She's character H's girlfriend and is the second richest and 2nd most popular girl.She's also the smartest girl at school.

Character L:character K's 4 years old brother.He become friends with character D and follow him everywhere.He likes playing jokes with the girls at his school like opening their dresses or laugh at them when they play hopscoch and the wind blow their dress up and the boys can see their underwears.

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    | A ~ Emma Marie Clark

    | B ~ Annette Carolyn Peters

    | C ~ Karl Ronan Peters

    | D ~ Harry Samuel Peters

    | E ~ Lewis Maxwell Harker

    | F ~ Gabriel Oliver Scott

    | G,H+I ~ Jack Alexander French, Archie Thomas French + Byron Lucas French

    | J ~ Heidi Jasmine Reynolds

    | K ~ Bryony Ciara Moore

    | L ~ Dylan Benjamin Moore

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    I warn you I like unusual names :P

    A: possibly Johanna? Or Claire, as it sounds like a timid name

    B: Evelyn? Or Eva.

    C: Sean. Or Nathan. A name with a harsher sounds to it.

    D: Jack? Allows for many different characters

    E: Arthur? Because it sounds bold and brave.

    F: Kenny? Sounds kind of show-bizzy. Or Steven?

    G,H,I,: Caspian, Antony, and David. Intelligent sounding names.

    J: Darcey? Sounds quite upper-class

    K: Hannah? Or Anne.

    L: Michael? Or Jackson?

    Hope these help you!

    Source(s): writing myself :)
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    character A ~ Alyssa, B~Monica, C~Ralph. D~Malcolm, E~Ofc. John Hickman, F~Josh, G,H,I~ Troy, Travis, and Trevor, J~Felicia Mone't, K~ Brittney Calhoun, L~Eddie. I thought very carefully about the scenario's I hope these names can help you! I write as well.

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    G,H,&I- Jack, Jordan, and James




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