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Should Yahoo Answers change it's name to Yahoo Opinions?

I see more opinions than FACTs in most posts.

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    That would be more accurate in most cases.

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    Answers that are worth whatever come from our own ideas and can also be soar began by using a word or phrase written via any person else . Instance : some of my answers received ' Thumbs Downs" and but , the asker has written to me thanking me for my comments and felt my answer to be worthwhile to them . Some even bought quality solutions . A few of the questions requested right here should not that clear . So opinions are the one recourse . Some questions are very private and sad. So i am hoping that I respond as a result . Then there are these " exclusive" people that carry out the devil in me commonly , even humor . However, We get better and fortify the longer we do it .

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    A number of other categories require facts and actual valid answers. e.g. any of the science/math cats, medical cats, and many of the computer/internet cats, just to name a few, and there are many others. This category contains nothing factual at all, unless the odd question comes along where such an answer is required.

    Go visit other cats besides p/a once in a'll see.

  • No because the site was never advertised as providing facts or opinions, instead it was advertised as providing answers. An answer can either be a fact or an opinion hence the name Answers.

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    This is a double edged sword as Answers contain the opinions of those who answer and may not be correct.Maybe Opinions first then moved to Answers when verified would help.

  • No. Because you answer questions.

    It's called Yahoo! Answers for a reason.

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    No because the point is for answers but most real smart peopld are answering real people questions and not wading through the useless questions on YA for a meaningfull question to appear for them to give an answer.

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    7 years ago

    Lol they should call it yahoo advice

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    7 years ago

    no. FACT


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