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If Selena had lived......?

My friend was telling me about how if Selena had lived Jennifer Lopez would be working at Mcdonalds and Selena would be a legend (She already is but still you know what I mean like how Michael jackson and Whitney Houston was she's sold over 60million records to date...not bad for a 23 year old right?)

even Shakira probably would've never become successful without Selena to be honest.

Do you agree or disagree?

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    I think Jennifer Lopez would still be popular considering the fact that she was already becoming an actress/singer. Selena would have been a legend too.

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    Some celebrities are more talented than others as in Selena over J Lo but each has a niche for their select audience. J Lo seems to know how to market herself well . As in being a super celebrity. As in others before her Madonna.... finding your niche is key

  • 8 years ago

    i think selena opened the door, but she didnt block the way for anyone else later.

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