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Would you say this hunter earned his elk?

This takes place in south east Alaska. At the lower elevations of this area is super dense costal rain forests so thick its comparable to a dense jungle. By the time you get 1000 ft up you are exhausted, scratched up and have a few hundred devils clubs thorns in you. Even after you pass the tall forests you have boulders and thick brush to navigate through. At 2500 to 3000 ft its rock, tundra mixed with grass, brush, jagged rocks, and dwarfed trees; going 1 mile is about 5 miles of up and down. There are some nice big ‘meadows’ though. It took them about 4 days to pack out the meat;


Aw come on hunters this is a real hunting question and we dont get many these days. So please read the story and give me your opnion. Thanks

Would you try such a hunt?

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  • Dana H
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    7 years ago
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    Its true. There is a surprising lack of real hunting questions going on in the 'hunting section'.

    I've been in devil's club in WA state. Nasty stuff!!! One of the worst bushwacks of my life was up there.

    And yeah, elk are a LOT of work. Had some easy hunts and some not so. All solo.

    My worst drag out on a plastic sled took all of one day to get 90% of the meat (deboned) from a medium sized cow in one huge load. 3 miles, with about 2 miles gently uphill with 2 steeper sections. I actually crossed over a low point on the continental divide.

    I'd huff and puff for about 50 yds at a time, then take a breather. And I'm not very big or particularly strong.

    Eventually, since it was during the middle of the day with all the elk gone or bedded down somewhere else, I started yelping from time to time hoping to give away some of the meat for some help. lol

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  • 7 years ago

    Great story!

    Yes he earned it.

    I would not be physically capable of such a task any more. Oh to have my youth and strength again!!

    Comparatively, in Ohio most deer are taken at 20 yards with a bow.

    Being a transplant (escapee) from Los Angeles, I have never deer hunted (yet) But I'm hell on desert rabbits ;)

    And here's the punch line:

    [A prototype commercial from a year ago]

    Youtube thumbnail

    They have it perfected now and I just got my breakdown arrows.

    But I recently partnered up with my 85 year old father and it's kinda funny that at age 57, after 2 divorces and 3 grown sons, my Dad won't let me play with my new toy in the back yard. HA! It would scare the neighbors in pristine suburbia.

    So I need to find an archery range to test it out and become proficient.

    (Yes, I'll procure some cheap arrows to begin practicing with, those breakdown arrows are not cheap.)

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  • chris
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    7 years ago

    With some neighbor hoods swarmed with elk urban hunters have the advantage, so I would say this guy definitely earned some bragging rights.

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  • 7 years ago

    10 years ago? you bet.

    now? eh, pass.

    i can understand the sentiment, but my heart just wouldnt write that check knowing my body had to cash it.

    if i spent 4 days carrying an animal out, mamma better have the water boiling when i get home.

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  • 7 years ago

    This guy has a lot of determination and perseverance. I would likely back away from this kind of task, but hey, gotta give credit where credit is due.

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  • 7 years ago

    Yes for sure.

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  • That works for me.

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