How do I get my Phillips tv to connect to the cable again?

I have a dish cable plugged into my rear projection tv and my kids touched the buttons on the tv. Now when I put it on channel 73 to watch DISH, it has a blue banner that says 73.1 and a "weak signal" floating around. How do I get it to read my cable again?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Hi Julian, my name is Kim and I am part of the Internet Response Team with DISH. I ran across your post and would like to provide you with helpful information that can be used to get this problem resolved. Video issues could be a receiver not powered on, the TV or VCR is not tuned to the correct input or channel, bad cable, disconnected cable or incorrect cable connection. Please make sure that your DISH receiver, your TV, and any component(s) (VCR, DVD Player, etc.) in between are on.

    Check what channel or input your TV is currently on by powering the TV off then back on and noting the channel or input that appears on screen when the TV is powered on,

    Check that TV2 is on Correct Channel

    Access "Modulator Setup" from TV1 by selecting Menu, System Setup, Installation, Modulator Setup.

    Tune TV2 to the channel that appears under "TV2 Out" on screen (channel may appear on TV2 remote sticker).

    if still no picture, verify the mode (air or cable) that TV2 is on. Then change the modulator setup to match this mode (air or cable).

    After changing modulator setup, tune TV2 to the channel that appears under "TV2 Out" on screen.

    I Hope this information is beneficial to you. If you need further assistance feel free to contact me directly at

    Kimberly Escobar

    DISH L.L.C

    Social Media Representative.

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