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30 day suspension with 2 points on my license?

I got a ticket for exceeding the speed limit (102 in a 65). My license has been suspended for 30 days and I now have two points on my license. I am under the age of 18. Can I be insured? If so by who?


I live in the state of California,

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    You are still insurable kid, but do your due diligence and call an Allstate agent, you will need an SR22 probably. Do not try to get insurance online. Call local offices, explain your situation, and be truthful upfront from the start. Rates may be a little high at first, but it will go down with time. ask about the Gold package and motor club when you call allstate. Compare benefits with price. Allstate also has lesser insurance products for lower premiums, most companies have just one.

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    Progressive will pretty much insure anyone. Not always cheap, mind you. There might be others.

    Historically Progressive did high-risk insurance but now I think most insurers will play ball if you're willing to pay...

    That sucks. At least you got it out of your system (hopefully.) When I was 17 I think I got pulled over doing like 92 or something... lol You'll find driving starts to feel like a chore before too long. :P

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    if you don't already have insurance i think it's okay because four points on your license and then our insurance price increases! and DAAAAAAMN ! why so fast lol!

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