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What are the best and fastest ways to loose weight?

I hate swallowing pills and would like to do my best to not take pills to loose weight. I would like to know some diet tips and fitness tips. I currently do about 8 hours a week of fitness. I do competitive cheerleading, exercise during gym and walk home from school every day. Additionally, I go running for about an hour every saturday. However, i am not loosing weight! Please help!!


I also do not eat fast food such as hamburgers, fried foods, etc

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    alter your diet, eat healthy - restrict the amount of burgers / fast food you eat.

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    There is loads of free information at about how to lose weight and also a free 6 week weight loss course with recipes if you would like to try.

    I agree "pill popping" isn't the best.

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    If you're already at a healthy weight, that would explain why you're not losing.

    What you're doing is great. It's a good way to stay healthy. If you aren't losing any weight, it's probably because your body is, in fact, healthy already.

    Do NOT stave yourself. Do NOT purposefully vomit up your meals. That's actually terrible for your body.

    I'm sure you're beautiful just the way you are. Hang in there!

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    Just speak in your mother approximately it and carry up diabetes, top blood strain, strokes, top ldl cholesterol; the ones are a couple of matters that may occur in your sisters if they do not shed some pounds. After that, pass out grocery browsing together with your mother and decide on out healthful snacks and meals. For illustration, plenty of fruit, vegetables, lean meats, Greek yogurt, cheerios. Then attempt to activity together with your sisters, pass external and play basketball, football, baseball, volleyball, opt for a stroll, or placed them in a game. But dont take the bad snacks clear of them alltogether, they are nonetheless children. lol

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    Sleep with empty stomach.

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