Help finding right picture?

I've been trying to write this awesome story, but I want to find a picture or drawing that looks just like my character. I can't find the right one ANYWHERE!!!! Please help!

"My body was long, tan, and muscled and there was a predatory grace to it. Dark red tattoos spread across arms and chest. My black hair almost reached my hips, and it was wildly curly. My face was fierce, with a sharp nose, prominent jaw, rounded lips hiding sharp teeth, high and sharp cheekbones, and big almond shaped eyes. My eyes were probably the most intimidating…they were shiny and almost black, and they had a sort of monstrous, blank look to them.

Okay, the picture doesn't have to have sharp teeth...but it would help.

Her tattoos are the tribal this: and

And her jaw is kind of like Elizabeth on Pirates of the Caribbean...

It doesn't have to be Absolutely perfect, but I would appreciate it a bunch!!!!

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  • Magnus
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    7 years ago
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    Your best bet would be to find someone who can draw well and ask them to draw the person for you.

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