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Do Bears hibernate during the winter?


@Bad A'ss,

yes you know exactly what high school i played for and which position.

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    Yes they hibernate from late NOvember until Mid June

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    No, Polar bears handiest do if they have new child cubs. Spectacled, Sloth, solar, and Panda bears do not hibernate. Ordinarily because they don't reside in areas with harsh winters. Black bears in areas like Florida and Mexico do not almost always hibernate as well, they would if there is a drought or scarce meals although. So particularly, most bears do not hibernate.

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    The Chicago Bears have been hibernating this season.

    Source(s): Chicago Bears have been playing poorly this year.
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    no, hibernating is lowering body temp and slowing breathing like ground hogs, they hibernate.

    BEARS DO NOT HIBERNATE. (they have a long nap)

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    Why yes they do, Unfortuanately their hibernation this year have more than likely eliminated their playoff hopes

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    Every year since 1985


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    yes they do. maybe not as long as they use to, but they still hibernate.

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    Apparently, they start in November.

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