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how do i get some one that does not like me to not hate me?

ok there is this guy in my school that fights with me and he does not like me. But we just talked to the prencible and the guys said he will stop and i know that he is not going to. what should i do to have him leave me alone by the way i can't just ignore him because he joins into my conversations so can anyone help me?

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    8 years ago
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    Im guessing you're in middle school or around that.

    Are you a girl? Stand up to him. Tell him to quit bugging you. If he doesn't listen then hurt him. Do something like poke his eyes or kick him where it hurts.

    Are you a boy? Same thing, stand up to him. Get your friends to back you up. If he doesn't stop, hit him. The size of him and you matters. If he's the same size then you might know some weaknesses.

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