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Depression? Family doctor?

I had my baby in the beginning of October and i had the baby blues pretty bad, but though it was nothing. At my six week checkup i thought everything was okay so I didn't say anything. However, now I think i MAY be depressed.. Do I have to talk to anyone in particular or can I just go to my family doctor? If i do what will he say? what do I say?

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    Anyone can predict what a MD family or obgyn even psychiatrist will say or do, because they have their protocol for each illness.

    I would go for healing instead. PPD is a hormone imbalance that is trying to straighten itself out. You may , additionally be having some issues with adjusting to the life style changes a baby brings.

    So, you can choose to go get put on antidepressants that are known placebos and willnot rebalance your hormones, or cure anything, (look them up here go get tested properly by asking a HRT or good hormone doctor like these to test your hormones properly and then decide on what kind of treatment you want.

    HRT can act as fast as 24 hrs , in noticing the differences. Or you could go here and ask the doctors from , the drs shames a husband Md and wife Phd psychaitric nurse and experts in hormones and mental heatlh , a few questions , since they answer them there at times.

    Or what I might try would be to take 600mg of panax ginseng , an adaptogenic herb for the adrenals adn sex hormones , for at least 3 months to see if it helps you and it should AND get one ofthese types of theapists to resolve any emotional issues you have going on or in any time in your life.

    best wishes with your decisions and happy holidays anyway.

    In some places if you dial 211, they have professional baby sitters to give a mother a break when she needs it. find out.

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    Call your local clinic and tell them what the appointment is for and they will set you up with the right doctor who specializes in depression and disorders.

    He will most likely ask you questions like ; How long have you felt this way? What do you think may be the cause? Have your eating and sleeping patterns been affected? Do you have fits of crying for no reason? Do you ever think of harming yourself or committing suicide? Are you afraid to be on your own? Do you have someone close you can talk to?

    He will most likely give you a prescription for an antidepressant. He will probably start you off on either Prozac, Celexa, or Zoloft. Those are the most common antidepressants. Your dosage might start off at a mere 5mg and he will slowly move you up to a higher dosage if you feel the need. But be sure to ask him about all the side effects.

    Seeing a therapist or counsellor might help. It's always nice to have someone to talk to. Good luck.

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