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Do you think Yahoo News is using the massacre in Conn to push gun control?

Current Yahoo News Headlines

1 Gunman's mom kept hardships hidden

2 Gunman shoots 1 in Texas movie theater parking lot

3 Kansas police officers fatally shot outside market

Twin NASA spacecraft to plunge into lunar mountain

Chavez allies sweep Venezuela vote, but Capriles holds seat

4 Gun control debate begins to simmer after massacre

5 Police: Man cooperative after firing shots at mall

6 Monday in politics: The return of gun control

Yahoo News..always fair and balanced

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    The media and liberals are promoting violence and trying to get us to: accept the immorality of others as the norm, go to the homes of the successful business man and show our hatred at this success, call those who disagree with this president racists. Watch MSNBC and celeberties. They spread hatred for Conservatives and Republicans. They advertised that Romney killed a woman and wanted to harm women in general. The left is full of hate and promote this hate every way they can. This country needs conservative values. As long as the left and the media keep attacking conservatism and the values we represent the country will stay in decline.

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    Here are a Few Facts :


    Americans have Foolishly ( or even naively ) re-elected a TRAITOR to the White House in 2012 Presidential elections , it is more than some coincidence that he looks like a Muslim Chimp from somalia..

    This "Guy" sympathises with Muslims , the Islamic Terrorists ( like all other Liberals do - fighting for Human Right of criminals , psychopaths , rapists , serial killers ..etc).

    Pakistan got Billions of US dollars in Aid ( 10 Billion each year ) from US , Pakistan helps recusitate Taliban & Al Queda .

    There are people inside US who want to make America weak & vulnerable , destroy its freedom , its free thought , Now they are using connecticut Massacre to push for Gun control Law ( so Media is being used to whip up public Opinion against Guns ).

    Who pushes for Gun Control Law ..?

    My Questions :

    Are you afraid of Millions of Law Abiding , Patriotic US Citizens own Guns ?

    Ok , Then who are you.?



    Should Millions of Law Abiding , Patriotic Gun Owners (US Citizens) be dis-armed in name of Gun Control Law ?



    Left Media in US get foreign funding ( From China / Russia ) they indirectly help Democrats remain popular 9

    You have a traitor from Somalia , sitting inside the White House.

    Dont trust the Foreign Funded Left Wing media ( which is anti american )..

    Have you read the Mitrokhin Archives...KGB promotes politicians & business barons ( who have anti US Sentiments ) with funds , who inturn fund politicians ( who are anti US )

    Source(s): Yahoo is DELETING Questions where I tried to Expose Barack Obama's Intentions ---------- Does Barack Obama feels USA desperately needs Gun Control Law..?" --- The above question was deleted suggesting - they were against Yahoo guidelines , this is bullshit
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    I think the Left is starting a determined campaign to do so, and it wouldn't surprise me if activist leftists have fired some shots into innocents.

  • yes,

    I suppose more stop & search laws are needed or having at least 5 armed guards/cops/national guard on patrol in every k-12 schools & malls or just move children out of schools into home schooling or tutoring the way it was a 2,000 to a 100 year ago. Video games, horror flicks, crime flicks, action flicks, sci-fi flicks, adventure flicks, war flicks, music that brags of murder or any gun crimes & hardcore xxx films influences teens with homicidal Ideals why not limit it all to E rating. Hollywood is the biggest promoter of fire-arms as a life saver necessary to fight evil: Django Sukiyaki/Unchained, dust till dawn, zero dark, saving private ryan, mission impossible, grind house, transformers etc. Perhaps hollywood should write out fire arms & replace them with spears, arrows, & tomahawk.

    How about disarming military & law enforcement? What's going to keep their firearms from being stolen or sold in the black market by corrupt military, law enforcement, personnel, DA or DOJ's fast & furious program that lets suspects walk away in a sting without any intention to track & apprehend suspects letting loose fire arms waiting for them be used in criminal activity or homicides by non citizens & criminals they intended to arm.

    You have laws against rape, murder, robberies, & many other crimes, why can't these laws stop criminals from committing these crimes. There are laws in driving safety yet many still don't follow. Costas reacted verbally against gun ownership when a FB player used it to commit suicide, but did not reacted verbally against car ownership when a FB player rolled out of control from speeding killing a team mate. Whether it's robbery, rape, murder, suicide, negligent reckless accidents, or abortion those who made the choice are responsible for their action no body else's, & there's nothing that can be done to ban or completely stop these from happening.

    Law abiding gun owners out number murderous individuals, thugs, groups, & gangs by the millions yet they don't go out committing robberies, rape, or murder slinging or firing their guns in the air around intimidating people like thugs & gangs or the mid east & sub sahara.

    Gun control dictates that only criminals should have guns. What's going to stop a home invader from raping a 12 year old locked in the bathroom closet? What's going to stop a family from being robbed by an armed burglar? What's going to stop a business owner or home owner from being looted during a disaster, a 1/2 or a 1/3rd of americans are not as principled & disciplined as the Japanese? The carr brothers would not have succeeded in sodomizing & killing 4 unarmed people if those 4 were armed with some self defense training, or better yet if those 4 were former seals, rangers, marines. Not everybody has bodyguards, henchmen, secret service to watch their their backs, families & homes 24/7.

    People without or with violent tendencies who may not have committed capital crimes yet can someday commit capital crimes & there is no way anybody can predict when a crime is going to be committed unless every person in the country are monitored or spied upon by the government, plus law enforcers don't have a tele-porter device to transport them to where the criminal or criminals are within micro seconds. Even members of law enforcement & legislature commit crimes. A gun is not needed to commit capital crime, toxins, fire (esme kenny), poisons, strangulation (marsha trimble), sharp objects (nicole simpson), cars, blunt force from stones, & bats is just as effective as a gun.

    James Holmes, Jarod Lee Laughner, Major Nadal Hasan should've been executed within a year. Sentencing is all that is needed when capital crimes are committed in public view with hundreds of witnesses caught in the act. Japanese generals were hanged & german insurgents faced firing squads within months after capture in WWII.

    Parolee's, Released Convicted Felons, mobs, & gangs (criminal groups, clubs or organizations) should be searched (stop & search), & raided for Illegal fire arms regularly on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Tracking chip implants in vital areas to all released convicted felons. But these will unlikely happen as the mindset revolves around criminals having rights even though criminals violated others or their victims rights. Any one should loose their rights when they commit capital crimes or had been convicted of capital crimes.

    Principled Values in self-reliance, perseverance, hardship, hard work, responsibilities & real discipline (boot camp) is what a great society need & fight against savior complex, self-glorification, self-promotion, & arrogance delusional or merited the way the japanese huge majority, shaolin & amish society live their lives with the amish being the truest pacifist. Whether atheist or religious the path to a great society is not to be self absorbed & very dependent on others.

    Source(s): Not all parents discipline their children, but their children are their parents burden & responsibilities first & foremost, not society, government or anybody else's. Taking away parents rights to discipline their children properly only encourages facilitating spoiled behavior not learning that there are consequences in negative behavior.
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    I think the supporters of the second amendment are pushing for gun control by virtue of ignoring the problem. That's what will kill the second amendment. In the end they'll only have themselves to blame.

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    Everyone who is anti-gun is using this massacre to oush theor agenda.... it's nothing new..

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    8 years ago

    The main stream media has been the propaganda arm of the DNC for years now so the answer is YES

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    8 years ago

    i don't know, 20 kids and 6 adults are dead for no good reason. without easy access to guns that would not have happened. think, compadre.

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    If you believe Fox News is fair and balanced, then I can see how you would believe Yahoo is pushing a hidden agenda by posting news stories.

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    No, it's the majority of US citizens who will be pushing for more gun control.

    It's time for a change. Deal with it.

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