Is Barack Obama is against US Citizens owning guns ? Should American citizens be disarmed Completely ?

Do you think Barack Obama is against US Citizens owning guns ?


Democrats are votaries of Gun Control Law , they have got a new opportunity to dis-arm US citizens ( in the name of Gun Control ) , when more than 26 people were killed by a mentally deranged 20 year old in Connecticut elementary school massacre ..!!

20 kids, 6 adults massacred in US school


Do we people underestand who many lives are saved by owning guns ?

People who advocate gun control , How do you prevent Thugs , criminals , robberers ( & Psychopaths ) from owning guns...

Gun control will make US citizens , sitting ducks against criminals who get to own Automatic weapons, ordinary citizens would be left defence less against criminals ( & psychopaths ).



it is EASY to prevent ordinary Law Abiding Citizens from Owning guns , it is next to IMPOSSIBLE to prevent Criminals , Rapists , Psychopaths from getting hold of automatic weapons...

What NEXT...?


Media needs to be suppressed ..because some people in Pakistan / Afghanistan get worked up against certain YouTube Videos on the Internet , get worked up against some Cartoons printed on the Newspapers


Do Americans regret that Barack Obama got re-elected as US President .

I was believed Barack Obama is the Wrong Man as US President .

This man is working towards gun control , that's exactly what Democrats want , now that is his aim , in the name of preventing crime ( by gun owners ) & also preventing campus massacres.

This massacre carried out by young deranged 20 year old , actually NEVER owned the Guns , they belong to his mother , who was a gun enthusiast. Preventing people from owning guns , means criminals , rapists , psychopaths would start getting upper hand.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Disarming the people has been the Liberal Dream for a very long time,and some people know exactly why,and it has nothing to do with crime whatsoever.In fact most Countries that did it saw no change in murder rates. The "gun deaths" term is thrown around because they know overall murder rates were unchanged,or in some cases actually increased.As did home invasions,assaults,etc.

    The real reason for the disarmament dream can be summed up as follows.

    "Disarming the People,is the surest and most effective way to enslave them" George Mason

  • 7 years ago

    No, Obama is NOT against any citizens owning any guns. The people who keep telling you that are liars who keep lying to you. No one is advocating all guns be taken away from everyone.

    What SANE people realize is that it's wrong and harmful to allow anyone to get their hands on rapid-fire weaponry and long ammo clips.

    Actually, most NRA members support more control over gun ownership - such as requiring background checks and closing the gun show loophole, and banning assault weapons.

    Vastly more lives are LOST because assault weapons are easily available to anyone, than any lives saved. If a home has a gun, people who live there are FOUR TIMES MORE likely to die of gun-shot than those who live in homes with no guns.

    The way to prevent most rapid-fire guns from being in the hands of thugs and crazy people and kids, is to not make them easily available to anyone. That's how.

    If criminals don't have rapid-fire weaponry, we would be SAFER, not LESS safe. If rapid-fire weaponry wasn't sold to anyone who shows up at gun shows, there would be fewer mass murderers with them.

    ?????? No one said media should be suppressed. They guy who made that video was on probation; the terms included HIS not being allowed to upload things to the net. As everyone who has any brain knows, it is WRONG to incite violence.

    No, Obama has support from more citizens than those who disapprove of him. That's why we re-elected him, after having had him as president for the first term.

    No one cares what some moron thinks -- YOU believe any idiotic thing you want. No one who has any brain thinks that because some sub-human, hate-mongering moron who loves mass-murder thinks something, that it's TRUE.

    Right. When a person owns rapid-fire weaponry, it's possible for someone else to take them and use them to murder lots of children. Us HUMANS think that's a BAD thing. You, obviously, want to see MORE small children murdered.

  • Philip
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    7 years ago

    The West has already been won, it's no longer a lawless land where

    gun's are a necessity, if gun's were a necessary part of everyday life,

    then the citizens in every country around the world would also need


    • thatguy6 years agoReport

      America is completely different from the eastern countries it won't work..

  • 7 years ago

    Obama hates guns and wants us to ban them. The reason why America was built is because we wanted to be free. That included owning guns

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  • RockIt
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    7 years ago

    He would be the first person to pick up a gun if it were handy and kill anyone who was going to assault, sodomize, rape, or kill him or his family.

    So, he's a hypocrite too. Wouldnt hesitate to use a gun to save himself but wants YOU to be the victim of crime unable to do anything to prevent yourself being a victim of a heinous crime.

  • 7 years ago

    Fast & Furious was all about arming illegals, criminals, & foreigners nothing to do with tracking & capturing upon illegal transaction.

    You have laws against rape, murder, robberies, & many other crimes, why can't these laws stop criminals from committing these crimes. There are laws in driving safety yet many still don't follow. Costas reacted verbally against gun ownership when a FB player used it to commit suicide, but did not reacted verbally against car ownership when a FB player rolled out of control from speeding killing a team mate. Whether it's robbery, rape, murder, suicide, negligent reckless accidents, or abortion those who made the choice are responsible for their action no body else's, & there's nothing that can be done to ban or completely stop these from happening.

    Law abiding gun owners out number murderous individuals, thugs, groups, & gangs by the millions yet they don't go out committing robberies, rape, or murder slinging or firing their guns in the air around intimidating people like thugs & gangs or the mid east & sub sahara.

    How many among the Top Shot competitors use their assault firearms to Rob, Rape, Murder, & invade homes illegally on a regular basis?

    Gun control dictates that only criminals should have guns. What's going to stop a home invader from raping a 12 year old locked in the bathroom closet. What's going to stop a family from being robbed by an armed burglar. The carr brothers would not have succeeded in sodomizing & killing 4 unarmed people if those 4 were armed with some self defense training, or better yet if those 4 were former seals, rangers, marines. Not everybody has bodyguards, henchmen, secret service to watch their their backs, families & homes 24/7.

    People without or with violent tendencies who may not have committed capital crimes yet can someday commit crime & there is no way anybody can predict when a crime is going to be committed unless every person in the country are monitored or spied upon by the government, plus law enforcers don't have a tele-porter device to transport them to where the criminal or criminals are within micro seconds. Even members of law enforcement & legislature commit crimes. A gun is not needed to commit capital crime, toxins, poisons, sharp objects, & blunt force from stones, & bats is just as effective as a gun.

    James Holmes, Jarod Lee Laughner, Major Nadal Hasan should've been executed within a year. Sentencing is all that is needed when capital crimes are committed in public view with hundreds of witnesses caught in the act. Japanese generals were hanged & german insurgents faced firing squads within months after capture in WWII.

    A group of home invaders or sexual predators that conspired to commit capital crimes are all guilty of the capital act committed even if one or two of them didn't full the trigger or sodomize anybody.

    My ideas in gun control would be to execute anyone who used guns to rape, murder, & kidnap within a year. There's no need to spend billions over decades before executing them. Anthony kirkland who killed his girlfriend would not have killed 4 more if he was executed for his crime the first time around.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    When the vote comes....will the Republicans stand with the Murderers, Robbers and Rapists...or with the Victims?..........

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I think he is against it, but he knows that he can't just repeal the Second Amendment. I trust him to do what's right and protect peoples' Second Amendment rights while doing something to try to avert stuff like what happened in CT.

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