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Ka Ho asked in 科學及數學數學 · 8 years ago

Form 2 maths(ratio)



1.A bridge with actual length 0.75 km is shown on a photo with a scale 1cm:100m.

(a) Find the length of the bridge in the photo in cm.

(b)Find the scale of another photo,such that the length of the bridge in it is 15cm.

2.The length of a road on a map with a scale 1cm: 0.25km is 6cm.

(a)Find the actual of the road in km.

(b)Find the length of the road,in cm ,on another map with a scale 1:60000.

3.The length of a certain highway is a cm on a map with a scale 1cm:4.5km and

b cm on another map with a scale 1:250000.What is the ratioof a to b.

4.Amy rides a bicycle from city A to city B at a speed of 30km/h.The distance

between the two cities is measured to be 1.5 cm on a map. If Amy uses 12

minutesto complete the journey, find thw scale of the map in the form 1:n.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    1a, 7.5cm(0.75*1000/100)

    b. 1cm:50m (15*a=750)

    2a. 1.5km(0.25*6)

    b. 2.5cm(1.5*1000*100/60000)

    3 5:9 (4.5*1000*100a=250000b)

    4. 1:400000(1.5/(30*(12/60)*1000*100))

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