How long does a Prius last without an oil change?

I have a 2009 Prius (Toyota) and I drove 400 miles past the due for the oil change. I heard you can go with 5000 miles without an oil change. I drive almost everyday, I just wanna make sure I dont get stuck somewhere and the prius breaks down, But Im sure it will be fine for another week since its a hybrid. HELP!

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    8 years ago
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    400 miles is 8% over the recommended change interval (5000 miles). If you are using a premium oil meeting both the ACEA A5/B5 and ILSAC GF5 specifications, then you're fine (it will say on the bottle). If you are using the bare minimum standard as described in the manual, then you're pushing it.

    No name brand oil today lasts only 3000 miles. That's from the 1960s.

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    there are many different types of oil you can use in your car. Some can go for 5000 miles while other are recommended at 3000. If you are 400 miles overdue I wouldn't worry about it. It takes a lot longer to get build up or damage from lack of oil change than 400 miles just don't make it a habit. Long term neglect leads to engine build up than can cause other internal engine problems,

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    Check the oil. Wipe oil from end of dipstick onto a white paper towel or tissue.

    Is oil on paper towel black? change it.

    Is it a golden brown color or medium brown? Still good.

    The average car needs an oil change every 6700 miles. Some cars can go 20,000 miles without an oil change. It depends on how you drive it and what type of oil you use. All oils are good for a minimum of 5000 miles.

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