what are synonyms for suddenly?

i am writing a short story and i am on a major writers block. I want to say suddenly but i am challenging myself in this story not to use words that end in "ly" so maybe like "out of the blue" something like that!

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    8 years ago
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    abruptly, all at once, all of a sudden, on spur of moment, quickly, swiftly, unanticipatedly**, without warning

    Source(s): dictionary.com
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    All of a sudden

    In an instant



    In spur of a moment

    The meaning changes according to the situation, really. For example, if it's a blade, it is almost always "swift". If it is something inappropriate to say, but quickly said, it is "abruptly".

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    At that moment

    In an instant

    All of a sudden

    Without warning

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    Can you describe an action instead of using an adverb?

    She was swinging her sword even as she turned at the sound.

    I was skating and there was a pothole. I went one way and the groceries went the other.

    I looked into his big blue eyes and knew it was love being born.

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  • 8 years ago

    At once.

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