is this a good letter to ask a girl out?

Okay what do you guys think? well im only doin this letter thing because we never have time alone or enough time in school or at track practice, i cant call her cause her phone broke a week ago so now i thought of doin this letter before winter break. here is what it says.

Hey Taylor! :P Well i guess you're wondering why I gave you a letter/note, >.> it's because I never have time to tell you. :P I want to thank you for getting me through school! x) I guess you can say your smile gets me through the day. :") The fact that you changed me, made me realized how awesome you are. ^.~ Hahaha I can't believe I gave you this !! xD I guess it's because you're the most beautiful, :3 cutest, x) kindest, :] and stunning, :O girl out there! Thanks for making walking to AEP class more enjoyable, :] I use to hate AEP because of how pointless and far away it was ! now I rush out my 2nd block so i can walk to AEP with you! ^.^ You are the only person that can make my bad day to one of my good days! x) I guess you can say that you make my day! :3

(Theres a little paper inside thats flippable :D)

(inside it it says)

I know you don't like having a boyfriend or going on dates :3 and i know it's a burden having a boyfriend in your situation, :< but i kept thinking to myself i need to give it a try x) I know i cant promise to be the best boyfriend you'll ever have :/ because i've never had a girlfriend >.>.... i've never really liked someone this much before :O.. but ill still try to be the best boyfriend you'll have if i was given that chance XD anyways.....

(in big words)

Will you be my girlfriend?

( the paper also have a drawing with me holding her hands.. lololol)

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  • 8 years ago
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    This is so sweet! It's so cute how shy you are. Trust me, girls love that. I think it's pretty good. At the bottom where it says WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND, put two boxes and under them say check yes, or no- it's cute. I hope she loves it! Good luck.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Awww that sounds sweet! If you think she likes you, go for it! I know if i got a note like that, I'd think it was really cute!

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