Why would an online purchase disappear from my bank account?

I have a debit card through wells fargo. I just bought my fiance's wedding band online from overstock.com a few days ago, and when I checked my online account, it showed that the money had been taken out of my account because of the purchase. Then, today I checked my online account again, and that purchase has somehow disappeared, and the money is back in my account. I don't know why this happened, as I never canceled the purchase. I also went to overstock.com and it says it is ready to be shipped, and there is nothing to indicate that anything has been cancelled. Is there any reason this may have happened?

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    Nah, I have Wells Fargo and it seems like this happens frequently. It seems like there is sometimes some downtime as transactions move from pending to posting. I have seen what you have as well where the whole thing disappears, only to post the next day. This seems to happen a lot on weekends. Wait until tomorrow and see if it shows up.

    If all else fails call Wells Fargo. They have phone bankers taking calls 24/7. Just click the contact link at the top of the page when you login and call the number.

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