How many goals will Carlos Vela miss on thursday on Real Sociedad vs Sevilla?

lol jk. Nah i hope he has a good performance but doesn't damage us alot :p.. Him and Griezmann along with Pardo are players from Real Sociedad im worried about.. Im excited for this match in a way and i don't doubt if Real Sociedad wins again.. so far Real have been getting ties and Sevilla has been up and down.. but Real are doing slightly better. Michel Gonzalez Sevilla's coach needs to get a good result to continue because he doesn't i think our president Del Nido will fire him and most likely hire Unai Emery as coach or the coach from our lower team from Sevilla Atletico which is Ramon Tejada an ex sevillista.. Good matchup head to head on key players.

Carlos Vela vs Jesus Navas.

Calzador de Malditos is expecting this

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but im expecting this hopefully

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You wanna make a bet Calzador de Malditos?if Sevilla wins you switch your avatar pic to a Jesus Navas pic or Sevilla logo and if i lose i put a Real Sociedad logo or Carlos Vela pic for the whole week. Anyone can come in the bet as well..

Anyone going to watch it?

Predictions for the match?

BQ1(off-topic): Do any of you like to go play soccer in the rain in the cold weather ? i think it feels bomb when you come back and take a hot shower.. body feels good after.

BQ2:How many of you smoke and drink? Have you gotten faded and play a cascarita at the same time? haha Do any of you have your own bong? or your own piece? I have a good piece that gets clean hits but I wanna get a bong or a bubbler soon.. Whats your favorite beer? i prefer Dos Equis or a spanish i like to buy online called Mahour or Estrella Dam i reccommend those there good.


i was kidding haha i don't want him to miss.

Update 2:

@ Faded games on thursday lol

and thats wassup! so your saying you get a gram from him for 20 bucks.

Personally i don't like getting stuff from people that grow their bud cause it can either be some bunk shet or maybe good stuff.. Like i have a homie that his cousin grows his shet and its some bunk shet. It gets me high but that head high where i get a headache haha. im trying to get rid of my headache not get a bigger headache. I like to smoke some Blue Dream or O.G Diablo. O.G Banana is cool to

Update 3:

@ Faded I meant to say a gram for 10 bucks

Nah haha i got a hookup from a homie that gives a gram for 10 bucks and .8 for 20.. all good stuff like Blue Dream i usually like something that gives me a head high and puts me to sleep.. not that bunk shet lol

Update 4:


yeah for reals i feel you. they try giving you some bunk shet with all the money you give emm. Like the other day i got an edible(jolly rancher kind) from my homie but it didn't shet to me honest and i told him nah dogg this shet didn't hit me so i didn't pay him a dime.. screw that. i suggest you do that try it out and if you like it than pay emm back if not don't haha. xD

Update 5:

@Calzador your on.. i got my day off that day so yeah buddy! i can't wait till Real come to the Sanchez Pizjuan. De la bella the lb is good as well. i like that goal he did vs Valencia. Chori Castro is a good boost. Does Jose Angel get playing time? and alright name well you put forza sevilla thats all and avatar just Navas pic. oh Stellas are bomb! good choice i like those as well. and i reccommend it. you can buy it online.. its a european website so they charge in euros but they sell beer from around the world.

Update 6:

@ Kevin who are you to make an accusation and judge like that? as a matter of fact i do work idiot and go to school to finish my major and get my degree.. when everyone is young you have to live life to the fullest.. once you get older and more maturer than of course you shouldn't continue doing this.. As long you have a good life of going to school and going to work and doing things right there shouldn't be a problem.. if you have an addiction problem than thats something to worry about..

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  • 8 years ago
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    yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa buddy!!!! I predict 2 assists from Vela and a RSO 2-1 victory

    Griezmann has actually been struggling recently, hes coming back from an injury but hopefully he regains the form he had at the start of the season where he looked like the best player on the team at times

    Yes i am game for that bet i shake on it, i lose i put Navas/Sevilla avi, your choice, if u lose u have to put a Real Sociedad avatar and change name to "d07 txuri urdin" for a week, i can change my name as well to something if u like

    Yes i will definitely watch this, cant miss this one

    BQ- yes i like playing in the rain

    BQ2- i drink but i dont smoke, i did play once when i was pretty tipsy, but after about 25 minutes of being in the game and running my **** off it went away, felt good, just glad i didnt get a red card or something.... fav beer is Stella Artois and Guinness (sp?) but i do wanna try Estrella Dam

  • Real Sociedad 2 Sevilla 0

    BQ: Yeah I love playing in the rain.

    BQ2: I only drink, I've played while I was drinking, I had a free kick and I tripped on the ball.

    I drink Tecate, Blue Moon, Shock Top and Dos Equis.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Jezz d07, how do you expect us to read all that. Jk

    Yeah he'll do good tomorrow. I can't give you much insight tho coz I don't know about either of these two teams' season.

    BQ1: Yeah bro that's cool except when your cleats get all waterlogged and as a GK I need to be explosive. :/

    BQ2: Yea I blaze everyday I can. :D

    Yup I got a shredder, 4 bongs, 2 pipes (one glass).

    My homie grows bud and I get good good shlt for cheap from him. :D

    No I don't drink. It's just personal

    $20 a gram Jesus Christ bro!

    You're getting robbed homie.

    I pay 10 for 2 grams of pretendo (NO HEADACHES).

    And if I want a good dotie like say 1.2 grams. I pay 10.

    But bro you have to find some better suppliers. lol

    Yeah bro I hate that shlt!

    Especially when they let you sample some bomb shlt, you come back with 50 or something and its all gone.

    And once my hookup sees the money they try to play me with some garbage by overpaying. :/

    Lol that's the life tho :P

  • No ******** way I'm reading all that shyt jk

    Maybe 3-2 to RS, Vela scores 1

    BQ: I feel weird when I pass the ball in the rain so I don't enjoy it that much.

    BQ2: I smoke weed but on the down low. I don't take bong hits. Usually I smoke reggie, blue dream, afghan, bubble gum kush, ak47, black widow. I like to make pipes out of random shyt like oranges and apples. I don't drink however.

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  • 8 years ago

    He will miss a total of 69 goals. It's a guarantee

  • Eric
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    He'll score 95 goals and pass Messi's current record

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    he has 6 goals and 3 assists he will add another goal vs sevilla

    bq no

    bq2 just drink

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    A POTHEAD how about you get your lazy asś to start to work instead of be smoking weed and drink beer with your pothead friends. Do you have horrible life or what? Smoke is needed when you're stressed.

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