Hooking up amp, need help with relay?

So im hooking up this amp for 2 12" pioneer subs. : http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_23547_Hifonics...

And can't get it to play. It will light up but not power the subs or anything. Now i was only getting around 2.43 volts for the power and ground at the amp, then i bridged over the remote wire and now im getting around 8.93 volts but it will not get up to 12 volts so it won't power up the subs and play.. The manual says i would need to get someone to hook up a relay for the amp. Now i'm not going to hire someone for that, but i need to know what kind of relay to get and how to somewhat hook it up to the amp so i can get them playing because the box and amp have been sitting in my truck for awhile and they are taking up alot of space because i haven't moved them under the seat or anything because im still working on them. Any help will be appreitiated. Thanks

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    Did you run a wire directly from the battery's +12V terminal to your amp's +12V input? If you did, you should be getting +12V, and a bit more when the engine is running.

    Relays can be used on REM wires in some cases when the remote lead from the head unit does not supply adequate voltage to tell your amps to turn on(usually for multiple amps). In that case the remote or accessory wire is used to open the relay and then a constant +12V source is used as the power source. I don't think it is necessary in your situation. Remember, the REM wire is just a brief signal that tells your amp to turn on, after that the +12V wire from your battery provides current.

    I suspect you used a power antenna lead for your REM signal, which can fluctuate and not provide +12V to turn on your amp. Try to find an accessory wire and splice into that. If you have a multimeter, you can look for a wire that provides +12V when the key is in the ON position and drops to 0 when the key is in the OFF position.

    If you can't find a proper accessory lead, then you can use a relay. This is how to wire it. The numbers below are standard on car relays. A 20 or 30A relay should suffice.

    1 Wire a constant +12V source from the battery to terminal 30 (this wire always sees +12V, even when the key is out)

    2 Run the REM wire from your amp to terminal 87 or 87a

    3 Wire the accessory or REM lead (the one that provides +12V when the key is ON) to terminal 85

    4 Ground goes to terminal 86.

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  • 4 years ago

    connect it directly to the battery yet u could desire to positioned a fuse on the twine that connects to the battery its a definite fuse that u can discover at an motor vehicle zone the fuse is so as that the amp wont suck each and all the means out of the battery

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