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Is this Hard Drive good? (Hybrid SSD)?

So, im building my own pc soon, and ive been looking at these hard drives for quite a while and its really starting to annoy me :P

One choice I have is the Seagate Momentus XT 750GB, its a Hybrid SSD/HDD, it just puts your most used files such as Windows itself, and some programs onto its 8GB NAND, making it much faster than a conventional HDD

Although it costs a bit more than a HDD, its 2.5 but it makes hardly any noise...

I've heard that it improves boot times by miles, and just the general responsiveness of everything

although i've heard that there is quite alot of people having problems with them, just everything being unstable really

another choice I have is the WD Black 1TB...

Fastest hard drive out there (i guess) but still slower than the Seagate Momentus XT, and it makes alot of noise :P

So can anyone out there help me :D

(Its a general family PC, but i will be using it for gaming every now and then, but im not looking for better loading times)

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  • Becky
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    8 years ago
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    If you are not looking for better loading times, why are you looking at an SSD at all? That is the ENTIRE benefit from an SSD.

    The fastest hard disks are commercial hard disks at about 16,000 RPMs but they cost a lot of money. The WD Raptor 10,000 RPM hard disk is the fasted non-commercial HD. It is faster then the black HDD by 3700 RPM.

    I knew from the beginning that SSD hard disks would have a lot of problems and that, eventually, people would loose their data on them. The reason why is because the VERY SAME technology that is used to make jump drives/flash drives is what is used on SSD's. What do you expect? If a simple jump drive can just belly up instantly, so can an SSD. Second, a lot of people fail to use the TRIM command which immensely speeds up an SSD. The whole entire advantage of an SSD is speed on bootup loading and initial execution of programs. Outside of this, SSD's don't really have a "reason." At that point, mechnanical drives take over when it comes to reliability.

    In my opinion, SSD drives are a waste of money and time. So what if it takes 1 more minute to boot up a computer. Is impatience at such a high level these days that you can't go get a cup of coffee or something while the computer boots? I am never buying an SSD, simply because I don't trust an SSD any more than I would a cheap $5 jump drive. When an SSD dies, it dies instantly and takes EVERYTHING on your computer with it and there is NO WAY to recover from it. Mechanical hard disks can do that too, but most of the time, when a mechanical hard disk starts to go out, it will start to show weird things happening first. First, small data losses, files go missing...then as the damage progresses, there may be corruption to the operating system, boot problems, etc. There is enough warning usually with a mechanical drive that tells you to hurry up and do an emergency backup before it crashes irrevocably. This warning time allows most people to get all their data backed up before the inevitable end. NOT SO with an SSD. One day, you go to turn the computer on and everything you ever had on the computer is GONE forever with NO CHANCE of recovery.

    To me, that is too much risk. I have an external mechanical hard disk with backups on it and a recovery disk in case my C drive crashes - I can just go by another mechanical hard disk and then restore onto a new drive like nothing happened. I would rather have that kind of reliability and assurance rather then a swift boot time and the potential for ultimate SSD death.

  • Brian
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    8 years ago

    No. the fastest hard drive (non-ssd) is the Velociraptor hard drive.

    However the WD Black is 7200rpm which is the faster one that most people use.

    The Hybrid will make your start up quicker. But other programs will be same as WD.

    The WD has more room, is the best brand, and will last longer.

    Unless you turn your computer on/off alot during the day I would buy the WD because less things can go wrong.

    Edit: To those saying SSD's fail agreed. But those are user error as you pointed out - failure to use trim.

    The newest SSD's are supposed to last longer then a HDD. Also HDD's also have their flaws as well. You should always back up your files regardless of SSD or HDD.

    Finally - the hybrid probably wont be the latest SSD technology so I stand by my WD Black 1tb is better claim.

  • 8 years ago

    instead of that I'd do this.

    buy a decent 1TB hard drive.

    then use the leftover money and buy a small SSD.

    put windows onto the SSD,as well as the few games that are played.

    this will allow windows to boot faster,and games to load faster,but also leaving the 1TB hdd for a large amount of general storage.

    and while the hybrid HDD is faster than most HDD's it is not even close to the speeds of SSD's.

    what the hybrid HDD does it cache programs that are used very often,this allows it to use the 8GB of actual SSD storage that is has to allow the program to work faster,so overtime it improves speeds.

    but it's small 8GB SSD is much slower than even a slow SSD.the one above has 200MB/s write speeds and 300MB/s read HDD not even this one will get much farther than 160MB/s read speeds and about 120MB/s write speeds.

    EDIT:Becky is right about them crashing,but even she said it is necessary for HDD's to have a backup disk in case it fails,why not just apply the same logic for the SSD?

    in my plan you have a 1TB HDD,you could make a small 64GB partition on it and backup all your SSD files onto it.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Usually if you buy a SSD for a desktop they come with adapters like brackets that allow you to mount the SSD in the HDD bay

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