How to take high quality screenshots in Far Cry 3?

I saw this thread:

and noticed very good looking screenshots. My prnt screen button on keybaord makes the picture look blurry and fraps doesnt match what is that thread. Is there any software free or not idc that can do high quality screens in games?


Here is a picture of how mine come out ( my monitor's resolution is 1440x900).

Here is using prt scr:

Here is using fraps:

Update 2:

Yes max settings.

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    7 years ago
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    Those pictures are at a very high resolution which is why they look good.

    Go into video settings and set resolution to the highest. In fraps set picture format to BMP or PNG. That should help. In general higher graphics settings = higher screenshot quality.

    EDIT: Although maybe providing a sample picture of a screenshot would help me identify your issue...

    EDIT V2: Have you tried maxing your graphics settings?

  • 3 years ago

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