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What Gopro should I get? Gopro naked?

I might be getting a Gopro for the first time,but I don't want to drop 300 bucks on something I'm not sure about. Then I saw the original, which is 70 bucks. I'm just wondering if there's some kind of catch or reason I shuld'nt get the Gopro naked. Help?

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    The GoPro Naked actually has the same optical specification as the new Hero3: White Edition.

    Hero3 White Edition - same optical specs as Hero Naked (Hero Original)

    Hero3 Silver Edition - same optical specs as Hero2

    Hero3 Black Edition - best specs of all

    The only difference then between the Hero Naked and the Hero3 White Edition is that the Hero3 comes in the new profile and has the other Hero3 features like built-in WiFi etc.

    So if you're just getting into GoPros, the Hero Naked would be a great buy at $70

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  • Den B7
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    Don't get the GoPro naked or people will see all your private areas!

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