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Using a Bank of Queensland Visa Debit card with a Citibank atm in Japan.?

I'm in Japan at the moment and was wondering what transaction fees come along with using citibank atms.

I have a Bank of Queensland Visa Debit card and was looking to withdraw some money from a Citibank atm.

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    Well, you'll have a currency exchange which will include a fee. Usually your bank charges $5 a transaction and sometimes the owner (Citibank) of the ATM also charges you a fee. You won't know what exchange rate got used until you see your bank statement (at home) but usually if the ATM is going to charge you a fee it will say so on the screen as you progress through the transaction. It's not a good idea to do lots of small withdrawals, those usuage fees add up fast.

    Source(s): Experience using my card in the US on different ATMs.
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  • chasse
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    3 years ago

    Bank Of Queensland Debit Card

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  • Joan
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    4 years ago

    It is possible to do, but be sure to notify the bank. If they do not know, they may see the financial transactions and freeze the account. Otherwise it is no problem, it will just do the usual atm surcharge

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