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is there ever gonna be a wonder woman, flash or aqua man movie???

that was just to catch your attention. my real question is who would pick as directors for these movies??

heres my choice

aquaman: james cameron. dude that would be epic

wonder woman: seriously, i think the only reason a ww movie hasnt been made is because people dont know how to explain her origin. ridley scott wouldnt give a F*CK how absurd her origin is. I'm sure he would do justice to the history of wonder woman

flash: bryan singer, he's not the best director out there but he knows how to make a superhero movie.


captain marvel: peter jackson, think about it

martian manhunter: stephen spielberg, the dude is obsessed with aliens

green lantern: george lucas, please dont hate me

teen titans: matthew vaughn. he made kick-*ss and xmen first class. HE WOULD LITERALLY BE PERFECT TO DIRECT A TEEN TITANS MOVIE.

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    Aquaman: It doesn't matter who directs it. It will be a horrible movie. It's impossible to take a character seriously whose super powers are relegated to the water, and specializes in talking to fish.

    Wonder Woman: The origin difficulty didn't stop Thor or Green Lantern from being made, both of whom have more convoluted origin stories. And Thor has a similar mythological underpinning. Nicholas Winding Refn said he'd like to try his hand at a WW adaptation, and they'd be stupid not to let him.

    Flash: There's already been a Flash movie. But for a reboot, I think Zack Snyder would be a good choice (and was in fact linked with the project) certainly doing a better job than Singer would.

    Captain Marvel: A reanimated Alfred Hitchcock.

    Martian Manhunter: He'll have to wait in quite a line before he gets his own flick. If ever. So the director of this film hasn't been born yet.

    Green Lantern: One film was enough. A chicken with a monkey brain should helm the next disaster.

    Teen Titans: Here is the first time we agree. Matthew Vaughn would be the perfect choice for a Teen Titans adaptation.

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