Music analysis HELP PLEASE?

I need to write a 300 word analysis for Wind Ensemble where I compare the first section of Pablo! by Richard Meyer, which is the piece we are playing, with this piece called Malaga from Isaac Albeniz's Iberia, which was apparently Meyer's inspiration for Pablo's main theme.

We're supposed to comment on the similarities and differences between the two pieces, focusing on the elements of music:Orchestration (How the composer uses the instruments), Melody (Musical themes and motifs), Tonality (Major and minor), Rhythm (time signature and repeated patterns in melodic lines and accompaniments).

I'm terrible at these things and I have no idea what to write. Will you pleaseeee help me?

You can listen to both here:

Pablo! by Meyer:

Youtube thumbnail

(the part to compare is from 0:00 to 1:30)

Iberia: Malaga by Albeniz:

Youtube thumbnail

We're supposed to use the full orchestra version to compare, but I can't find a recording of that on youtube, so this is the piano one.

Any input is helpful! THANK YOU!

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    I would want to know the exact same thing. Great query

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