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I sway my butt while walking(boy)?

And pls no irrelevant crap like you're gay or something. I've been walking like this since my very childhood but can't take the embarrassment anymore. I need some cure to this.

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    Diseases can be cured. You don't have any so how can it be cured?

    For what is worth, butts sway (wiggle?) more when you place a foot right in front of the other, that is, keeping your legs tightly close. The more you spread your legs whan you walk, the less marked the butt wiggling would be. Also, when you walk toe-heel toe-heel, your leg muscles naturally shake your butt. So try doing the opposite -walking heel-toe heel-toe.

    Whether all this would look better, or more natural, is a whole different matter. I'm a crossdresser so I am trained to wiggle my butt on purpose and I like how it looks. But whatever you do try in front of a mirror until it looks reasonably natural.

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