What do I need to do from here to get into University of Michigan?

I am currently a high school junior (in-state), i took 2 AP classes last year (european history=3, physics b=3), this year i am taking ap calc ab, spanish 4, apush, ib biology hl yr.1, ap lang, and i am dual enrolled at a local college for medical terminology (i scored an A-), over the summer i took CHM 111 (Inorganic Chemistry) at the same college (scored a C). GPA after sophomore year is about a 3.53 on a 4.0 scale (weighted, sorry I don't know my unweighted).

Extracurriculars: President of IAECM (Indian Association of East Central Michigan) Youth Committee, Class Council (10th and 11th), NHS (11th), Multicultural Club (9th-11th), Quiz Bowl (10th and 11th), DECA (11th), One Small Step (community outreach club) (10th and 11th), volunteer at a local hospital 5 hours every Friday (this has been going on for about 5 weeks now, and plan to keep going until graduation), jv tennis (9th-11th) and hopefully varsity as a senior. All extracurriculars listed will continue as a senior.

I would really like feedback in terms what I need on the ACT, and in what ways can I improve my chances of getting into the University of Michigan.

Thanks in advance!

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    8 years ago
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    You really need to get your GPA up. The average unweighted high school GPA for an enrolled student at the University of Michigan is a 3.83, but it is actually expected to be even higher next year due to an expected increase of applications. Right now, the admissions officers will almost certainly question your ability to keep up with the expectations of a Michigan student given your current GPA. Your course rigor is excellent, but Michigan really expects that you will still be able to maintain an A- or A average in these difficult classes.

    The average ACT for a Michigan student is a 31,so you should aim for at least a 30 or above. Obviously higher is better, so do the best you can.

    Your extracurriculars are great. Just keep up with them and you should be fine on this front.

    Make sure you have a teacher that will be able to write you an excellent recommendation, and make sure you spend a ton of time on the essay. Every little bit counts.

    Good luck.

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    Being a Michigan resident is a clear capabilities in admissions to U of M OR MSU. Despite the fact that your GPA & ACT are usual/somewhat above, if you take the possibility for EARLY ADMISSIONS, you have a just right hazard of going in, assuming your ratings meet the minimum requisites. Make sure you practice THIS summer time and finish the applying AS quickly AS they allow individuals to use. So one can give you the best threat of being approved.

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