Why hasn't the Ohio supreme court demoted/charged him w/ obstruction Kendal M. Coes Sr.?

The Model Rules of Professional Conduct promulgated, The Supreme Court of Ohio adopted the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct 6/10/2003 Chief Justice Thomas Moyer smack down his hands Of Magistrate Kendal M. Coes Sr. Cincinnati, Ohio as he'd pointed me out at the Main street Diner/B & G restaurant (He is a Board/counselor Member of the Du Bois Academy Charter School with Wilson H. Willard, former superintendent at the academy Willard faces a possible 23 years in prison Willard is accused of using public money in the amount of $24,000 from the academy to finance remodeling at his private residence and he is accused of taking an additional $20,000 through a series of unauthorized money transfers. He is also accused of inflating student enrollment numbers submitted to the Ohio Department of Education in the amounts of $111,000 in the 2003-2004 school year and $209,910 in the 2004-2005 school year.

Child tells me that he had been talking to his Dubois academy counselor & he told Child he wanted child to stay with him. ) was docket numerous Contempt against Micheal- Wanda Y. Lynce not honoring court order till date 8/15/2003 when incident occurred as MR#829666 with hanger was used and magistrate implies that Guardian Ad Lit em not needed unless You yourself provide the $500.00 to then which would be appointed @ the returning to Residence as Tony Coder Compliant against (Lynn Booth, Tony Coder-Wellness and Prevention Communications Professional Mansfield, Ohio Area Nonprofit Organization Management Current, Assistant Director at Drug-Free Action Alliance Previous Ohio Department of Job & Family Services, Office of the Governor of Ohio Education BA at University of Toledo, Melissa Moll- Lynn Booth-Beech Acres Cincinnati) of Children protective service (11/04/2005 I Scheduled meeting with CPS ) for having to return child under Magistrate Call with school Joseph P Parker elementary contacting Cps to see why he'd was returned to residence as a requirement from Magistrate Kendal M. Coes Sr.

TRI-STATE DIGEST-317F.3d597 January 2003

Three men indicted in marijuana delivery Ontario, California to Cincinnati, Oh

A federal grand jury indicted three men Wednesday accused of having roles in the delivery of 116 pounds of marijuana to a downtown nightclub earlier this month.

Michael S. Lynce were charged with conspiracy to distribute marijuana, the U.S Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio and the Drug Enforcement Administration said in a joint statement.

Mr. Lynce is charged with doing the driving.

The shipment of marijuana was seized by DEA agents at the nightclub Dec. 2.

" Lynce's testimony included the statement that he was owed & $90,000.00 for transporting marijuana since his fourth trip, calculating at a rate of $50.00 per pound January 2003 Before docket Lead contempt magistrate June 10 2003 where Benita Bell/Wanda Y. Lynce to testify points to the prosecutor's summary of his expectancy as Lynce was just a courier Micheal S. Lynce & Co-owner of All Pro barbershop 435 Kings Run court 45223 my family then notifying me as to child's where-about at address of All Pro barber 1 & 2 which was renamed Community center of Dwtn Cincinnati, Oh 2003/04 a block over from Este Ave.


Incident DST Suspect Case Status

10/15/2005 0935 05/H/67 Felicia Brown F/B/37 Murder 4858 Win ton Ridge Lane @ Este Ave 5 Michael Lynce death of offender.

Child tells me that he had been talking to his Dubois academy counselor & he told Child he wanted child to stay with him. Grievance filed against Magistrate before Chief justice Thomas Moyer unethical proceeding Magistrate/Judge Coes Sr. - 2002 Lead contempt magistrate him unwilling to provide Guardian Ad Lit em with his ruling stated "that his court wouldn't waste $500.00, couple of months Later Joseph P Parker school contact Mr. Lynce as Child missing 4 Days Of school School contacts CPS (Tony Coder, Lynne Booth- Hamilton county, Ohio ) stating child had hand print in his face when he'd returned to school child said that Lynce Beat Him with clothes hanger the Judge Coes is the Chairman of the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council in Hamilton County quote to Cps that it was mandatory for child to Be return to residence of 3647 Wood ford Rd, 45213 what they would offer Me was Doris to supervise relationship Of Lynce & child. He is a Board Member of the Du Bois Academy Charter School which serves underprivileged children in the Over-the-Rhine area of Cincinnati. The Du Bois Academy was the only other Cincinnati school besides Walnut Hills High School to achieve an excellent rating.

Full Biography for Kendal M. Coes

Judge; Hamilton County Municipal Court; District 3; Unexpired Term Ending 1/4/08 City of Cincinnati Kendal M. Coes Sr. Hamilton County 3-01


Thank You, Thank You 1 real answer evry1 else Is scared to say It, Magistrate the reason micheal came after you is U'd subpoena his federal Docket/ ISP officer to witness Dennis Koherst,Donald Young, Robert From meyer FOP to date.

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    Cause they were paid off

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