"Philosophy is dead."- Stephen Hawking?

Is Hawking insane? His statement is a philosophical statement. I don't understand why some contemporary scientists hate on philosophy with their philosophical views of scientism (irony). Philosophy is a great thing. It studies morality, beauty, and much more. Why the hate and ignorance?

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    "Philosophy is dead."- Stephen Hawking?

    ~~~ "Steven Hawking is dead." - Philosophy

    Is Hawking insane?

    ~~~ Yes, lost in his own ego and hype!

    Hawking is not a philosopher!

    He is a mediocre mind that has been well packaged and marketed!

    Philosophy is 'critical thought';

    Critical Thinking Mini Lessons


    Bertrand Russell on Critical Thinking


    Science without philosophical 'critical thought' (science is a feeder branch of the tree of philosophy!) is useless and condemned to studying mirrors!

    Hawking is irrelevant.


    The Hawking of Stephen Hawking:

    Celebrity, Cosmology, Disability


    Philosophically he's severely 'challenged' (too bad there isn't a 'thinking enhancement machine' for him also!), which is why he would say such an emotionally immature 'sour-grapes' childish and ignorant thing!

    Scientifically, he's mediocre at best.

    Scientists, in general, fear philosophers who can erase their life's work with the wave of a found fallacy!

    Philosophers who don't follow cutting edge science, are also condemned to studying their own imaginations.

    Without the harmonic synchronous combination of the head and Heart (in art), none of these schizo-sapiens will live into the near Enlightened (Head and Heart rift, Healed in the Unity that is Love ) 'future' (Universal Enlightenment).

    His statement is a philosophical statement.

    ~~~ No it isn't, his statement is ignorant, egotistical (he believes his own PR), no more than another ignorant opinion. The 'sour-grapes' of a child!

    Why the hate and ignorance?

    ~~~ Ego! Fear! Immaturity!

    Both sides... Philosophers seem to fear the science that they cannot understand and the scientists fear the philosophers who they cannot understand; with whom they have not yet integrated!

    Just like the 'schoolyard' we never seem to grow out of!

    It's like a sick split personality!

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    Stephen Hawking Philosophy Is Dead

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    It's not hate and ignorance. In some ways Hawking was right. Philosophy IS "dead" in that it is mostly still stuck in the 20th century and hasn't really kept up with the times, especially with the limits of knowledge that are being pushed by physics. The science being done has lots of implications for mankind and philosophy as a whole has been more or less ignoring it. He didn't say it to mean that philosophy is no longer needed or useful, Hawking said it for effect. In fact, since he made that statement, a group of top university philosophers have been collaborating to establish the philosophy of cosmology as a formal field within the philosophy of science. I think this is exactly what Hawking intended to happen. Academia has a way of dragging its feet and is notorious for it.

    I also think Hawking said it as a clever nod in the direction of Nietzsche who wrote "god is dead". That created a lot of controversy too, and stirred theologians who were stuck in the 19th century to stop clinging so much to the past and to start focusing on the future. A lot of new work in the area of the philosophy of religion came of that. In the same way as theology, modern philosophy tends to cling to the past too. Hawking was more or less trying to kick start philosophers into working in directions they have mostly been ignoring.

    You said that "philosophy is a great thing. It studies morality, beauty, and much more." I agree with you, and I'm fairly sure that Hawking wouldn't disagree, but he would say that it is ground that is so well-worn that nothing new is coming of it. What has been done with those subjects is good, but you cannot stop there. Saying that philosophy is dead is his way of saying "stop beating a dead horse and move on". There's still work to do in the field of philosophy. New work.

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    It is unwise to jump to conclusions. I do not agree with much the man says, but he is not an idiot and I doubt he is insane and I doubt his statement had anything to do with hate. More likely he was dropping you a clue.

    At a guess I think he was referring to formal philosophy, determinism, relativism and all the rest of the ism’s. To include all of the new age cull de sac methods of philosophy. New age going back hundreds of years.

    Philosophy is the most important of all sciences as it is the science of thought. It stands to reason it would be a high priority target for those who benefit when humans do not think or think well. The science of philosophy has suffered much damage, misdirection, stagnation, regression and on and on. It is truly as shame. Our children are not taught to think, rather they are taught to memorize how famous others present and in the past have thought. Mast of these famous others I have reviewed of late impress me little and often I am left with a sense of their dubiousness. There deeds to match the implied beneficial motive with regard to the science of thought and to man.

    It has been down hill since Socrates. We are farther from rather than closer to understanding our nature from that time till now. To solve any problem the first steps include the recognition a problem exist, then you understand the problem, to do that one must seek its source. Philosophy rather than addressing real problems instead seeks to create new ones, they often being fantasies or dead end lines of reasoning, or simply misdirecting and confusing, relativism being a fine example. We are drawn farther away from problems we are aware off and the new methods of thought discover nothing of real use to us.

    Our mass media feeds us drivel and panders to idiots; our education system is based on a Pavlov conditioned response method of teaching. We teach our precious youth to sit and speak as we would a German Sheppard or a parrot. Individual thought to a productive end is discouraged even punished. The children are taught not to question outside of rigid new age lines. They are taught to save the planet and not themselves.

    Philosophy may not be dead but I see little brain activity and a skinner/dewy trained drone is reaching for the plug of the life support machine.

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    Hawkins, though very engrossed in his work and in science, does sometimes cut things short. There is a very clear link that he misses in astronomical theories and their synopsizes. This statement too shows that he does live in a world where somethings very prominent and relevant to human life, are left out. I don't really think he has the power to make philosophy dead, though he might live as though it is. I think he might have said this, as in out of context here, to mean that science has more life in than philosophy, which is reasonable to me.

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    The dude is stuck in a wheel chair and fodder for the likes of comedy like The Big Bang Theory. What does he care?

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    Yes, he is good at fiction.

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