What is this sci-fi book series called?

My professor recommended a sci-fi/fantasy trilogy to me and I forgot the name. He said it had also been made into a TV show and I believe the title was a few words long. I think it had the word water in the title. On the older side.

Basically about how after you died you went to this other planet that just had one long, concentrated, continuous river You would have to go along the river to get places. Everyone there was set to one communicative age. People from history interacted and sided with each other. He told me that Alexander the Great and Betsey Ross has a romance (lol). Eventually, some guy tries to break out of the planet.

If anyone has any idea what the book series/tv show is called it would be really helpful! I wanted to get it this weekend, and I won't be seeing him until thursday and it would be weird to e-mail about this. Thanks!

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    Riverworld by Philip José Farmer.

    Edit: I had read this years ago, but after checking on it, it turns out to be 5 novels now, so I don't know if I've read them all.

    To Your Scattered Bodies Go (1971)

    The Fabulous Riverboat (1971)

    The Dark Design (1977)

    The Magic Labyrinth (1980)

    Gods of Riverworld (1983; later published as The Gods of Riverworld)

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  • 3 years ago

    nicely in the adventure that your observing on your age aspect i advice possibly All creatures pleasant and small it has like 5 sequals, they are All concerns bright and astounding, all issues smart and unusual, it is going on from there with plenty fo different books about an same individual. The author is James Herriot. this is a narrative about a scottish vetenary well being care professional who doesn't be attentive to a lot about animals yet possibilities up alongside the way and he starts to love his pastime even no matter if it isn't trouble-free and stressful from time to time. some elements are extremely humorous, some are severe, and some are toddler of stretched out in the adventure that your a personality who likes to study what the sector round him is like and previous reports, this is a good guidance guide, i do not favor to provide too a lot away. one better series this is non-sci-fi and that has 3 or better books for absolutely everyone who's 16 is the series of books known because the twilight series. The books are Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking wreck of day. the author is Stephenie Meyer. There are 4 books so a techniques. they don't look to be quite sci-fi this is edging on sci fi extremely now that i imagine it. this is better extremely of truly a fiction as against sci fi. If its no longer extremely your component if it comes off as too much of a sci fi then right here's yet another theory: i extremely loved the series with the aid of utilizing Lemony snicket even although they is likewise below your age degree, there's a large form of books on the least twelve, I used to love them extremely plenty. yet then again i became kinda youthful like 10 i evaluate when they got here out. this is a advice when you're searching for some thing like that. I a twin of the nooks A tree Grows In brooklyn with the aid of Betty Smith and The p.c. with the aid of utilizing Jodi Picoult, i'm now no longer certain if any have sequals or prequels yet i recognize they are large books and that i believe A Tree Grows In Brooklyn has grow to be a movie and The % became once a movie or prepare or some thing just about as good. i wish i have helped, those are a number of my commonly used books to ascertain. a large form of my favorites are sci-fi so it became once not trouble-free to choose upon ones that weren't sci-fi..... Lol

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