8th grade science fair projects?

I was going to do a project where I grew plants and used a different light (black light, regular light and a plant light or something) but I haven't started so I don't think I have time since its due on January 11th so I only have a month. Any ideas? I have a month and I can do it on anything I want. Please no websites!


Oops not a science fair project just for school!

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    Plants, like animals, have a way to reproduce and make new baby plants. Unlike most animals, plants commonly use two different ways to make new plants. A plant will use one process or the other, depending upon the environmental conditions at the time of reproduction. These two different types of reproduction are called sexual reproduction and asexual reproduction.

    Sexual reproduction in plants is when a plant makes a seed. The seed contains the embryo, or baby plant, that will grow into a mature plant under the right conditions. Sexual reproduction requires both male and female parts of a plant, which mix together to form the embryo. Because male and female parts both contribute to the new plant it is unique from both of the parents, so sexually reproduced plants are very diverse.

    Asexual reproduction in plants is when a plant makes a new plant without making a seed. During asexual reproduction, male and female parts do not mix to make a new plant. Instead, the new plant is a clone of the parent plant and is an exact copy of the parent. Because of this, asexually reproduced plants are not diverse.

    Even though asexual reproduction produces plants with very low diversity it has many useful applications. Cloning plants is very common in agriculture because of the speed with which a plant can be made. It also allows a farmer to grow reliable produce by limiting the variation of the plant.

    In this experiment, you will investigate how plants produce asexually by making clones of a cabbage plant. Which parts of the cabbage do the clones come from? Under what conditions do plants produce clones most reliably? How long do plants need to grow clones? Do the clones look like the parent plant?

    Terms and Concepts

    To do this project, you should do research that enables you to understand the following terms and concepts:

    sexual reproduction



    asexual reproduction




    How are plants cloned?

    What are the best conditions for cloning a plant?

    Which parts of the plant can be used to make a clone?

    How does plant cloning benefit modern agriculture?


    Visit the website of "The Great Plant Escape" to help Detective Le Plant solve 6 cases, learn about plants, use the glossary to learn new terms and see pictures of plant parts:

    Stack, Greg, et. al. 2005. "The Great Plant Escape." University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. [12/13/05]


    Bochinski, Julianne. 2004. The Complete Handbook of Science Fair Projects. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons. pp 68–69.

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    RE: 8th grade technology uncomplicated project...Any strategies? i'm interior the 8th grade am being forced to take part in technology uncomplicated. the class isn't mandatory yet 8th grade is actual technology so as that would desire to be super. the project fact is due in an afternoon or 2 and that i'm thoroughly caught on what to do. final 3 hundred and sixty 5 days I did an ordinary project on laundry...

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    You should do an atom model or the planets of the Solar System model. (: I did those once and the atom models were sooo easy to do! You just create protons, neutrons, and electrons out of syrofoams and buy some pipe cleaners or wire for the electron paths. Yoy then just color the protons and neutron and then you glue them from the middle. You would need something to hold them electron paths or wires and then you just stick the electrons in. It's super easy! Believe, me I did this and got an A on it.


    That'd be the link to the atom model project. Make sure to spice it up a little bit and make it bigger. You dont want it to look basic.

    Or you could maybe build the Solar System model! This one's a little bit hard but I think you'll have fun making it.

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